Baker Free Library Partners with Fanggle to Launch Cutting Edge LibraryTV Application


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- Fanggle, a Southern California based Vertical Cloud Platform company has partnered with Baker Free Library of New Hampshire to launch Fanggle’s Libserra-LibraryTV Application. This connected TV application transforms ordinary TV watching into a video-driven experience that engages the viewer, allowing them to watch what they want, when they want.

The LibraryTV app, built on the GoogleTV platform, enables libraries to extend their reach into the living rooms of patrons using a broadband medium. The app includes a number of compelling features to consume, curate, personalize and share content.

An estimated 38% of US households have at least one television set connected to the internet via a video game system, a Blu-ray player, an Apple TV or Roku set-top box, and/or the TV set itself – up from 30% last year, and 24% two years ago. [Source: Leichtman Research Group, April 2012]

The system consists of the consumer-facing application interface as well as a powerful administration panel for libraries to manage video programming content. The consumer application enables users to view content in a dashboard, or full-screen modes. Support for HD videos is built-in for an optimal video experience. Users can also search for content using a built-in search feature. Patrons can customize their viewing experience by adding their favorite videos to playlists through a user-friendly, curation process. The system also supports sharing of videos on Facebook and Twitter with a simple click of a but¬ton. The administration panel interface enables library administrators to categorize, tag, upload and manage their video libraries. It also provides analytics on video viewing patterns through a powerful dashboard.

Lori Fisher, Executive Director of Baker Free Library states the following, “We are excited to partner with Fanggle and offer their compelling, GoogleTV platform based application. They are very attentive to our requirements and look forward to having their LibraryTV application made available to our patrons.”

The system has also been designed to maximize the end-user experience. In particular, two notable features include:

1. Through state-of-the-art technology, users don’t have to pause videos to browse other titles, or add titles playlists while watching a video.
2. The system also has the capability to interface smartphone devices with video content through QRazor - QR Code technology so they can further engage the viewer.

“We are excited to work with Baker Free and launch our LibraryTV Application with them. We believe that LibraryTV, as part of our Libserra suite of cutting edge, library centric products will provide convenience and satisfaction for Baker Free and their patrons,” says Ed Baryluk, Fanggle’s EVP of Sales.

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Ed Baryluk
EVP of Sales