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Baker Goodchild Reveals Mail Personalization Is Vital to Improving Direct Mail Campaign ROI

According to the Direct Mail Association, direct mail campaigns with a highly personalised element can expect to achieve a ROI increase of between 300% and 1000%.


Birmingham, West Midlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2015 -- Today's consumers are savvier than ever before and expect retailers to work hard to win their custom. With 98% of people saying that personalisation is very important to them, it is definitely something brands need to consider incorporating into their direct mail campaigns in order to generate a good ROI.

Customers don't want to be treated all the same; they expect to receive personalised content that has been tailored to their needs.

The personalisation of direct mail

Whilst addressing customers by their name on a piece of direct mail is likely to get it opened, it's not quite as simple as that. In order to maximise results and ROI, retailers need to think of ways they can enhance their direct mail with other personalisation techniques.

It all starts with collecting clean data. By ensuring their data (customer name, address, title, purchase history etc.) is correct, companies stand a better chance of being able to personalise their direct mail effectively.

Clean data of course allows for the accurate segmentation of customers. Through segmentation, companies are able to target different behaviours, needs and even colloquialisms (in different parts of the country), allowing for more effective personalisation. It gives them the opportunity to target different mailshots and different offers at customers, allowing for a more personalised direct marketing experience.

The key to effective personalisation of direct mail is to give consumers the impression that they are the only one a brand is communicating with. Sure, using their name is a start but providing offers based on purchase history, catering to previously stated preferences and tailoring to their gender and interests, will take a brand's direct mail campaign to the next level.

Something more and more brands are now doing is embracing technology as part of their personalised direct mail campaigns. Using personalised URLs (PURLs), brands can bridge customers' offline and online marketing experiences and provide a dedicated landing page full of personalised information and offers.

Other key technologies great for direct mail include augmented reality apps, clickable paper (developed by Ricoh) and Google Analytics (tracking software designed to monitor customers' online behaviour.)

Getting personalisation right

In order to achieve success with personalisation, brands need to regular test and tweak their campaigns. Personalising small batches of mail to identify the optimal degree of personalisation is highly recommended.

Finding out customers preferred communication method is also essential. Brands need to ensure they provide contact details that a customer is likely to use to follow up on the mail, whether it's a phone number, landing page, email address or social media handle.

Finally, a call to action is a must. No matter how well a piece of direct mail is personalised, without a great call to action, the customer won't convert. Providing vouchers and other incentives is a great way to influence customers to take action, as is putting a time limit on offers and sales.

Retailers can boost their conversions through effective personalised calls to action.

What can companies expect from personalised direct mail campaigns?

Increased profit is undoubtedly the main reason why businesses should consider personalisation within their direct mail campaigns. Personalisation has been proven to lead to increased sales and reduced costs, making it a win-win for those that utilise it.

However, those motivated by more than profits will also see environmental benefits from personalising their mail too. Since more customers will respond to personalised direct mail, businesses can significantly reduce wastage. Personalised direct mail can also be made from recycled paper and renewable sources, allowing businesses to really boost their green credentials.

Of course, businesses wouldn't exist without their customers, making customer satisfaction one of the most important benefits of personalised mail campaigns. Through greater data accuracy and tailored content, brands will be able to keep their customers satisfied and go a long way in winning their loyalty.

"Despite being savvy, it doesn't take a lot for customers to appreciate a brand's effort," says Lorraine Burnell, Managing Director of Birmingham-based Baker Goodchild.

She continues "Personalised print media has a much more powerful presence that personalised digital content like marketing emails, as customers can recognise that brands have to put a lot more effort into customising print media than digital content."

Other mail personalisation techniques

Whilst not strictly personalisation, businesses can also use a wide range of other techniques within their direct mail to increase response rates and generate a higher ROI. From using colours to attract customers and engage with them on an emotional level to creating interesting multi-dimensional and 3D mailings, there are plenty of ways brands can make their direct mail stand out to customers and give it a unique edge.

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