The Bakken Oil Field: Shale Oil Revolution eBook Describes How Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing Takes Place in Domestic Shale Oil Plays

Recently launched shale oil and unconventional resource web site offers readers inside look into new oil discoveries such as The Bakken Shale Play of North Dakota.


Williston, North Dakota -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2012 -- Most people hearing and reading news about new oil discoveries in the United States don not fully understand how this new oil was discovered or how it is being extracted. The newly released eBook, “Shale Oil Revolution,” by Matt King of, explains the process fully.

The book covers the historical aspect of oil production and then transitions into the modern extraction of shale oil utilizing horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. But, it doesn’t stop there. In addition to describing these processes, the author provides a clear and concise walkthrough, from leasing the land and minerals to producing and refining the oil from a typical Bakken well in North Dakota.

The website and book provide excellent baseline knowledge for anyone who has interest in being employed in the oil industry and/or wants to learn the technical processes of this modern type of oil drilling and production. Even though the book describes some of the technical processes involved, it is easy enough for anyone outside the oil industry to understand.

When asked about the potential of the information contained in this book, Matt King said, “It is amazing how little information is out there about how oil companies are finding and producing oil in these unconventional resource plays like the Bakken Shale of North Dakota. It is very difficult to understand the entire process by just talking to one person in one specialty in the industry. That is the reason why I have taken this opportunity to compile this information into one resource – the “Shale Oil Revolution.” He also added that the information in this book comes directly from his experience and interactions with different oil companies, service companies, and industry experts over his career.

The publication of this book will no doubt help the hundreds of thousands of people who search daily on the internet for information about The Bakken and other new oil discoveries.

About the Website is a recently launched website dedicated to educating the public about the emergence of new oil discoveries, unconventional resource production, and The Bakken Shale Play. The website also provides links to Bakken Oil Jobs information and resources about other emerging such plays such as the Niobrara, Eagle Ford, and Alaska Shale Plays.