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BakkenOil.org Becomes Definitive Information and News Source for Bakken Shale Oil Boom


Williston, ND -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2012 -- As the nation and the world’s eyes are focused on what is being called the North Dakota oil boom, those in need of the most up-to-date information on the North Dakota Bakken oil shale formation are turning to Bakkenoil.org. The website has quickly become the single best resource on the web for news, jobs and general information regarding the Bakken oil boom.

The Bakken shale formation is currently the largest domestic play in the country, and production has increased dramatically in the last few years. While the shale itself contains hundreds of billions of barrels of oil, opinions vary about how much of that oil is ultimately recoverable via the “fracking” process. However, the discovery has had immediate impact on the economy of the region bringing thousands of North Dakota oil jobs while shining a light on the fracking process and its role in America’s oil production efforts.

The website bakkenoil.org was launched in order to keep the industry and the country abreast of all aspects of the Bakken oil development. “The economic, commercial and employment aspects of the Bakken oil shale formation as well as the environmental and regulatory aspects of the story are huge and ongoing,” said a bakkenoil.org spokesperson. “The website is meant to be a definitive source for all parties to obtain the most up to date and reliable information.”

As a test case for future shale oil development and recovery, getting a clear picture of the Bakken oil development is crucial not only for the community itself, but also for the U.S. oil industry and economy as a whole. Consequently, the website provides a constantly updated news section to keep commercial and oil industry interests abreast of the latest developments. In addition, an expansive job section shows the latest industry jobs, outlooks and employee information.

Readers can also find the top oil industry stocks, expansive articles on the industry and in-depth videos on the Bakken Shale oil development, fracking and associated topics. “As an unbiased resource, we bring the latest information from the USGS and the EPA so that readers and interested parties have all sides of the issue covered,” said the website spokesperson. For more information, please visit http://www.bakkenoil.org/

About Bakkenoil.org
Bakkenoil.org is the single best resource on the web for news, jobs and general information regarding the Bakken oil boom. Readers can find the latest news on Bakken oil, fracking, government regulations, USGS and the EPA. The website shows the latest industry jobs as well as the top oil company stocks with in-depth information about the companies behind them. Readers can also find an extensive list of articles as well as videos on fracking, the Bakken oil shale formation and more.