Balance Bikes 4 Kids Chooses Big Commerce

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New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2012 --, an e-commerce retailer selling training bikes for toddlers, has migrated their online store from its old platform to Big Commerce. The shift to Big Commerce was made to capitalize on a number of features offered on Big Commerce that were missing on the store's existing platform. Chief among those are a customized mobile experience for customers and the ability to set up shop on a Facebook Fan page using Big Commerce's Social Shop application.

"We have seen a fairly dramatic increase in the percentage of traffic reaching our store through mobile devices, but our previous shopping cart didn't customize the mobile experience. It was just our website on a smaller screen which isn't a great experience for smart phone users," said Rob Mabry, co-owner of Balance Bikes 4 Kids. "We evaluated a number of different hosted shopping cart platforms, but found Big Commerce to have the widest range of features and the best mobile design tools."

Ease-of-use is another advantage of Big Commerce cited by Balance Bikes 4 Kids. The entire migration from one platform to another was completed over a weekend. The company chose one of Big Commerce's free templates and did some minor customization to add their own logo and add their toll-free number to the header. Adding products was simply a matter of exporting a product spreadsheet from their old store and uploading it to Big Commerce through the provided bulk upload feature.

"It was a very simple procedure to move over to Big Commerce. There is certainly some planning required to make sure that past customers can still find all the item pages they may have bookmarked or referenced in the past and that your store continues to rank well in the search engines after moving to the new host, but the actual migration couldn't have been easier. Big Commerce has an active support team who actually called us during our migration offering advice. That was a surprise," Mabry said.

Adding a store inside of their Facebook Fan page was another task completed with just a few clicks. The new shopping cart platform also allowed the web store owners to integrate product videos and a customer review system into their product pages.

"We're pleased with the new design and all the features our customers will be able to enjoy. The addition of a genuine mobile commerce store and Facebook store gives us more ways to reach our customers and allow them to shop using the devices and applications they prefer," Mabry explained.

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Balance Bikes 4 Kids is an online retailer that sells balance bikes, the best solution to teaching a child to ride a bike. Their motto is “Just Say NO to training wheels!” If you are interested in learning more about balance bikes, you can contact them at 1-888-264-9199 or contact them through their website at