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Bali Weight Loss Resort Centre to Open April 1st


Bali, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2017 -- There has been much said about the newly opening resort centre, Bali Weight Loss, in Ubud and already it has missed many launch dates. Many have wondered, "will it ever open? We wanted to start this December yet the launch date has been set back" a past guest of Sophie Jones, the retreat leader, tells us.

The retreat leader, Sophie Jones, is said to be back in North America at this time in Tulum Mexico. The reason it is said is because in addition to opening the Bali Weight Loss programs in Ubud (here: she is also launching a retreat centre in Mexico.

Many have speculated that this may be the reason for the delay in launching for Bali. Others have said that it is unrelated and "Sophie is simply optimising time, there were hold ups relating to business licenses and so she decided to scout out Mexico while the company awaited the Indonesian department of tourism to issue the required documents" a source close to Sophie tells us.

Whatever the holdup may be it is very clear that there are many guests waiting for the confirmed launch date which many are saying could be as far out as April 1st at the point, yet this still remains to be seen.

The program is a unique blend, a multidisciplinary approach, to weight loss and detox. It is something that Sophie Jones is said to have spent years developing and is a culmination of all the best ways to lose weight that she has developed over her years in practice.

In addition as many reading this may already know, Jones is very focused on the educational aspects of the retreats. This is why there are cooking classes, and a wide range of educational resources as part of the program.

In any case it seems that everyone is counting down to the launch and holding out for an earlier launch date to the April 1st that was leaked earlier this week. Only time will tell yet many are eagerly awaiting their chance to join the retreat.

Sophie Jones
Bali Weight Loss
Canggu, Mengwi, Badung Bali, Indonesia 80361