Balloon TD Launches New Website Featuring All Versions of Bloons Tower Defense


Friesland, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2012 -- There has been a tremendous shift with the children of the present generation in their choice of pass-times. The video games are being improvised every moment, and consequently are becoming the prime focus of the children. The shift, however, has been for good as most of the games are strategic, which causes good managerial skills to grow in the children. The Bloons Tower Defense has been the favorite with the children from the very first year, 2007, when it was launched. The game comes in several series, and each series is equally interesting. The website, Bloons TD, dedicates itself to all the game series, serving every version up to Bloons Tower Defense 4.

The website provides all the updates and information on the Bloons Tower Defense. Not just this, the website also provides the latest version of the games available. So far, five versions have already been out, and the thrill keeps the children always waiting for the sixth version to appear. The efforts of the Ninja Kiwi deserves acknowledgement for having planned the most interesting of the video games that have been much popular. Moreover, the games are such that have got something to teach the children. The first series of the game had less of the gaming strategies and more of the elements of puzzle that again helped the children to brainstorm.

The game serves also to enhance the degree of attention in the child as the bloons are to be punctured with the darts. As its central character, the Bloons Tower Defense takes a monkey. This monkey is operated with the mouse. The throwing of the dart requires skill and it has to be ensured that the darts are thrown at the right speed and in the right angle, other than which, the darts miss their targets. The monkey in the Bloons Tower Defense resembles the roles of the superheroes in the strategy games. This has stayed this way even in the last game releases, called Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion and Bloons Tower Defense 5.

All the series of the games come with excellent graphics, and the sounds and music, too, are thrilling. They contribute in providing the perfect ambience to the games. The title, Bloons Tower Defense, itself stands for the central motive of the game. Each version surpasses the previous in technique and strategy, thus accounting for the interest of the kids in the game. It needs mention that the towers are upgraded in each version of the game, so that the game becomes all the more exciting.

About Bloons TD
The website, Bloons TD, provides all the information on the Bloons Tower Defense, the video game that has gripped the attention of the kids from the first year of its launching, in 2007, by the Ninja Kiwi. It deserves mention that all the versions of the game are equally thrilling. Along with the updates on the games, the website provides all the latest versions of the Bloons Tower Defense. Dedicated to the Bloons Tower Defense game, the website provides all the relevant information on the games that can be gone through before beginning the game.


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