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Balls Project Launches Men’s Forum, Space for Men to Be Men Online


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2012 -- In the entire history of the world, being a man has never been more complicated. The reality of masculinity in modern life is fraught and many guys don’t have a space where they can articulate their challenges, hopes and fears. Feminism gave women a movement to attach to and a plan with which to move forward, but for many the distinct lack of a defined male role in society – or the constantly changing goalposts on what it is to be male – have meant that confusion over certainty has more often than not been the way many men have felt.

For the most part, though, men just what to be men; they want to be able to think, say and act the way they feel and not be judged as a result. Thankfully, there’s now a space online where they can do just that.

The Balls Project is a community of men who are committed to facing the challenges in their lives head on, defining their own masculinity rather than letting others do it for them. A mens forum where open and honest discussion abounds, The Balls Project is overseen by a master in the field of personal growth and no topic is too difficult or taboo. In a female-free space, men are encouraged to vent, brag, learn and develop in a way that many have been unable to prior to finding the amazing resource that is The Balls Project.

One thing many men have struggled with in recent years is the sense that they are being judged simply for being a man; whether it’s the way they communicate, socialise, relate to women and sex or deal with aggression, many men feel judged simply by the fact that they act, speak or think in a particular way. Forced to censor themselves on a daily basis, many begin to lose the sense of who they are as a man. Luckily, the Balls Project brings men together in a space where it’s possible, encouraged even to be true to oneself and speak out on topics too often left unsaid. Practical advice on how to deal with life challenges abounds on the site, both from a master teacher and the community of users themselves.

The Balls Project has finally provided a haven for men, keen to participate and grow in a likeminded community amongst peers of all shapes and sizes. As men realise they’re not alone in facing a variety of modern difficulties across many facets of their lives, they can gain strength and insight from the amazing space that is The Balls Project. Sometimes in life men need balls in order to make things happen and The Balls Project is happy to deliver.

About The Balls Project
The Balls Project is a place for men (and men only) to delve into various spiritual / self help / personal growth topics without watering down their language or avoiding the issues that are important to men. Everything from fear, sex, women, aggression and more can be addressed honestly. With no special language, The Balls Project is just honest men genuinely committed to overcoming their obstacles and moving to both having and being what they want, all with the oversight of a master teacher who has been genuinely helping and coaching people for decades.

For more information, visit http://www.theballsproject.com