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Baltimore Innovations Offers TransformaGel for Refilling of Desiccant Breathers on Electricity Substations


Bourne End, Buckinghamshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2018 -- Baltimore Innovations offers TransformaGel for refilling of desiccant breathers on electricity substations. TransformaGel is a unique silica gel, which changes colour as it becomes saturated, thus indicating when it needs to be replaced. Because of its beaded structure, the gel is quite cost-effective and is less dusting compared to granular indicating silica gels. It is also less likely to pack down and cause back-pressure problems in air-flow pipework. Apart from being used in electricity substations, it has also found its use in replacement of gels in tank vent dryers, dehumidification of many compressed-air and pneumatically driven systems, to protect them from corrosion. TransformaGel is available as a loose-fill gel, supplied in a rigid 25Kg Drum with a re-sealable lid.

An award-winning expert, Baltimore Innovations specialises in assisting the customers in solving their problems with moisture damage, packaged products, technical equipment, and sometimes even with their chemical polymers. Besides providing products for the Energy Sector, they also provide best quality products for the Food Sector, Medical Sector, Industrial Sector, Defence Sector, Polymer Sector and Chemical Sector.

Talking more about the different products offered by Baltimore Innovations for the Energy Sector, one of their representatives stated, "If you are involved in the Transmission and Distribution industry, we can offer you improved clarity and better protection for your electricity substations through the use of our innovatory new desiccant breathers. These give you a clear 3-stage colour transition enabling you to predict when the breather will become saturated with greater accuracy. This then allows you to schedule servicing visits to various sites in a better way. In addition to this, we also supply you with a range of colour-change silica gels in loose bulk-media format, which can be used to refill your larger substation equipment."

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Baltimore Innovations is a world-class specialist in the prevention and removal of moisture damage problems in areas such as aerospace systems, medical packaging, food processing, and energy transmission networks. They offer world-class consultation services, via the use of highly-sophisticated and unique computer modelling systems that can help clients save millions each year in R&D costs. They also offer a range of high- quality silica gel, molecular sieve, activated alumina, and desiccant plastic film solutions dependant on the client's' needs and available budget.

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