Michele A. Shermak, MD

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon Offers Non-Invasive Ultherapy for Facial Rejuvenation

Dr.Michele Shermak, now offers Ultherapy in the Baltimore region


Lutherville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- Dr. Michele Sherman, the Baltimore- based plastic surgeon is now offering Ultherapy, a non- surgical, non- invasive skin-lift on the neck, chin and brow. The procedure is essentially a facial, deep- ultrasound treatment that lifts the brows, cheeks and neck that result in an all attractive look.

“Ultherapy is considered an effective alternative for facial surgery and it sure leaves the person at least five years younger. This out-patient cosmetic procedure has saved my day, from going under the knife for a surgical face lift “says Catherine, a patient who had Ultherapy performed on her in the cosmetic surgeon’s clinic.

Ultherapy is a one –time treatment and it counteracts with the lowering of the brows that can occur with neurotoxin treatment and it helps to smooth the forehead and lift the brow. It is suited for the candidates who want to forego facial surgery but still want the same benefits of face rejuvenation with a non-invasive procedure. This is a one- time treatment that needs freshening after 2.5 years and takes 30 minutes to 2.5 hours depending on how many areas are addressed.

At Dr. Shermak’s clinic, there is also something new for mothers to get back their beauty post -delivery namely ` The Mommy make over ‘. Mothers tend to get vast changes in their body, particularly after pregnancy, breast feeding and C-section. Breasts and abdomen get the most affected; breast might get issues like sagging, deflation, and asymmetries, while the abdomen loses its muscle strength and skin tone. `The Mommy make over’ surgery comprises a spectrum of breast and body recontouring to reverse all the effects of pregnancy which could involve liposuction.

According to a media spokesperson “Dr. Shermak has been nationally known for her face, breast and body lifting procedures and for her work with mothers and weight loss patients. She does perform complex surgical procedures in a very safe manner. A recipient of America’s best surgeon award Dr. Shermak has been in the forefront of serving the Baltimore community”

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