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Ban in Five Countries: Riveting New Poetry Anthology Gives Eulogy to Self-Destructive Civilization.

Written by A.C. Skipper, ‘Ban in Five Countries’ gives an entertaining send-off to a society that is on the downhill side of history. Designed to be an oral interpretation tool, Skippers’ unique work is poised to resonate with readers around the world.


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- While millions think it, author A.C. Skipper isn’t afraid to publically announce that society is on a downward spiral and that civilization’s best days are long gone. In fact, Skipper is taking his beliefs one step further by using his latest book release to give an official eulogy to our self-destructive society.

Everything is exposed in ‘Ban in Five Countries’ – a book that’s as entertaining and emotive as it is important.


Suffused with amusing, some pros, and several adventurous vignettes, ‘Ban in Five Countries’ is a poetry anthology that is divided into three sections. These sections comprise pieces designed as oral interpretation tools. Several pieces in this collection are sonnets and adhere to that structure.

Though several foul words are injected randomly within the pages of this book, they are purposely done to pry open the awareness of the readers while introducing different characters. A eulogy to a self-destructive civilization on the downhill side of history, this book is woven to make anyone angry, laugh, and above all, touch their hearts.

Readers can learn many things from the pieces of this collection. ‘Ban in Five Countries’ will not only amuse, it will also inspire its readers about life and many other subjects.

As the author explains, his book pays homage to all of humankind.

“Readers will close the last page having learned plenty about themselves and feeling inspired to learn more about the many topics I cover. My work attempts to touch on all that we are and how little time we have. Life is short -eat dessert first!” says Skipper.

Continuing, “Every reader will experience a rollercoaster of emotions yet come out feeling enriched and invigorated. There really is no other book that looks at civilization from this perspective and therefore, everyone needs to read it.”

Critics praise the author for the diligent attempts he is taking to change the lives of others. With the book’s popularity set to rapidly increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Ban in Five Countries’, published by Xlibris, is available now: http://amzn.to/1cvjTXM.

For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://baninfivecountries.com.

About A.C. Skipper
A.C. Skipper was born in Miami Beach Fl. 10/17/45.
Arrived on the planet within a month or so of the first nuclear bomb detonation. He was raised in Texas City Texas just a few months after the Monsanto dock detonation.
He was educated in California at USC 3 degrees all speech related. Studied under Dr. Dale Drum and Dr. Karl Anatol. The author spent 4 years in the Coastguard. Stationed on a gun boat He was an air traffic controller(long before GPS) on a weather vessel. USCGC Minitonka.
Skipper became an off shore Crane operator, Good pay. The job was a dangerous adventure and He could take as much time off as he wished. At that point he began to travel and sail and work.
He has owned at least 20 boats, mostly sail. he has sailed the entire continental US and most of Mexico.