Band Documentary Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Tell Their Story


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- They've been together since 1973, playing music. In some cases they've made their own, in others, they've interpreted the works of others with their own style. And while they've played, political movements have risen and fallen, their nation has undergone both national terrorism and local urbanized violence. Now a new documentary, The Cusco Project brings together the story of Arco iris de Cusco, and shows the reality of a country among the hidden truths of a city. The project teaches its culture and idiosyncrasy showing the world what it means be a musician in Cusco by telling a human tale about the universal right of fighting for one's dreams and of battling against any adversity for the deep-rooted and basic need of making them come true and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to see the dream of this project by filmmaker Kenneth O'Brien Llontop inspiring today's youth.

In The Cusco Project, O’Brien brings together a story full of hopes, deceptions, happiness, and shows the feeling of a loyal brotherhood among the band members. There is a fluid, peaceful communion between showing who they are now and then reviewing their biographic origins. Through it all, there is a constant search and yearning for artistic achievement which is reflected in the simple act of sifting through the world’s musical preferences and then interpreting them to the sound of their instruments, their music, and their heritage.

The documentary is seeking finishing costs and is looking via this campaign to raise awareness while finding angel investors interested in helping. For their kindness, investors will be rewarded with music, concert tickets, trips to Peru and much more. And for those who cannot contribute, the documentary crew is thankful for their kindness in sharing information about the project via social media.

For more information, visit THE CUSCO MUSIC PROJECT

The Cusco Project
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Contact: Kenneth O’Brien
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