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Bandala Dental Group Announces Dental Checkup Week

Regular checkups are essential to spotting problems before they become major, reports Dr. Jose Bandala


Roseville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2014 -- Bandala Dental Group ( has declared it to be Dental Checkup Week at its Roseville, CA location. This decision was motivated by the fact that many major dental problems start out as minor issues. By motivating people to come into the office for checkups, the dentist hopes to save them from big problems and expensive treatments later on.

"Many people don't come into the office until something hurts, but by that time, a tooth may need root canal therapy or even have to be extracted," said Dr. Jose Bandala, the office's dentist. "The same type of progression happens with gum disease. What starts out as a bit of bleeding when brushing or flossing can end up with teeth falling out."

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, 47.2 percent of Americans already have some form of periodontitis, or gum disease. Most of these people actually have moderate rather than mild stages of the condition. Gingivitis, the earliest form of this condition, was not assessed in the study. However, other studies have called it the most common dental condition in the United States.

"The sad thing is that many of the teeth lost to periodontitis could have been saved by simple, routine cleanings. These cleanings help with gingivitis and the milder stages of the disease. Even when it has progressed further, cleaning is still the solution for all but the worst cases. The main thing that changes is the depth of the cleaning, but the general principle is still to remove debris, bacteria, and irritants from the teeth so that the gums can heal and grow properly."

Bandala Dental Group ( does offer advanced solutions for people who have already lost teeth. Dental implants are the best currently-available replacement. These prosthetics go far beyond normal false teeth. "Implants get their name from the artificial tooth root that is a part of the package," Dr. Bandala explained. "This root does more than hold a crown in place. From a medical perspective, an even more important thing the replacement root does is prevent further bone deterioration. If someone has lost teeth, I always suggest replacing them with implants if possible."

Despite the availability of realistic, high-end replacement teeth, dentists still insist that the best thing to do is take steps to avoid the loss of the originals. Dr. Bandala's office also preaches the importance of retaining one's natural teeth. This is why it is now putting extra emphasis on getting people to come in for checkups.

"Checkups allow us to fix problems before they can seriously jeopardize the structure or foundation of the teeth," Dr. Bandala said. "Coming into the office regularly allows people to have cavities fixed while they're still small, avoid pain, and stop gum disease before it ever threatens the teeth."

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