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Bankruptcy Solutions Offers Free Bankruptcy Consultations with a Local Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Solutions has created a solution to help people deal with their debt problems.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- For a long time bankruptcy was held by the working classes a form of financial failure- a humiliation that meant individuals had let down themselves and their families by being unable to provide. However, businessmen and entrepreneurs turned this on its head. Donald Trump filed four times, Henry Ford twice, and even Abraham Lincoln. Such knowledge has gone a long way to removing the stigma of bankruptcy, but many in serious financial trouble still don’t know if it’s a viable option for them. Bankruptcy Solutions aims to give clear, concise and independent advice to individuals on the matter.

Bankruptcy Solutions has always supported a realistic view of bankruptcy ( and understand exactly when it has merit and when it may not be the best solution. In the case of being caught in a credit card debt trap, individuals may be able to benefit from filing bankruptcy, which can even forgive a portion of the debt and allow people to get a financial fresh start.

Bankruptcy Solutions offers a free evaluation form and consultation to help people discover the best option for them, whether they are suffering from garnishment, harassment, repossession, foreclosure, lawsuits, sudden loss of income or other financial difficulties, and is now better placed to offer a complete solution no matter the individual circumstances.

A spokesperson for Bankruptcy Solutions explained, “We aim to make sure that people get the right financial guidance and support they need when faced with the most extreme adverse circumstances. Bankruptcy should not be stigmatized, but neither should it be taken lightly. We aim to match individuals with the most appropriate response for their circumstances. Bankruptcy can enable individuals to take back control of their financial future from their creditors.”

About Bankruptcy Solutions
Bankruptcy Solutions was founded to help people talk frankly about their financial future and help them take control through a number of means, including filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Solutions understand that bankruptcy needn’t be the end, but a new beginning for individuals burdened by out of control debts. For more information please visit: