Provides Tips on Managing Credit Cards Whilst Visiting Italy

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Windsor Mill, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2016 -- Buying goods and services from an Italian Shop is not an easy task if one purchases goods or services with a credit card. The reason is that there are very few accepted credit cards in Italy. Therefore, a person's shopping can be a big hit or a miss depending on the card he or she uses. It so happens most of the times because of the compatibility issues with the foreigner's credit card with the network of banks in Italy. Though some of the high end shops and restaurants near tourist locations display the form of payments on their front windows before any tourist enters the establishment, there is still a long way to go in terms of clarity on the cards that are accepted in Italy. Therefore, it is very important that a tourist checks for the accepted cards of payment signs at the front of the shop if he or she intends to purchase with credit card or debit card.

It is really embarrassing to sit in a cozy and high end Italian restaurant for a meal later in the night and finish the dinner only to find out that the plastic card carried by the tourist is of no use. This is a very tricky situation which most of the tourists face in Italy. They end up hunting for Italian ATM's to be able to pay for the Italian dinner. Finally, it leaves a very bad taste for both the customer and the restaurant owner. It is highly recommended that before a customer leaves for a holiday to Italy, he takes a few credit card types with him. Even if the tourist has only one bank account, he can purchase a pre-paid credit card which is marked with VISA or MasterCard with the currency already converted in Euros. Another easy way to prevent being caught red-faced at the Italian restaurants or shops is to make sure that one has enough cash before he goes out for shopping or dining.

One can find the nearest Italian banks near all the important and popular Italian tourist destinations at

For the people who belong to the US and are traveling to Italy, the Bank Of America has a global ATM alliance with a BNL bank in Italy. This makes it possible for the tourists to use the BNL ATM in Italy without incurring a US $5 international ATM fee. Similarly, for Australians, Westpack bank is a part of the Global ATM Alliance and has an agreement in place with the Deutsche Bank. Germans have BNP Paribas bank tied up with BNL Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro in Italy.