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Banner Printing Company Banner4Sale Posts a 'How To' Guide That Explains How to Create a Banner


Riverside, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- Banner4Sale, a company that offers full color, digitally printed, indoor/outdoor banner printing services, has just posted a “How To” page on its website that explains in five easy steps how people can set up a banner that contains an info graphic for printing.

As the new article noted, when an order is delayed, 90% of the time it is because of issues with the original artwork or layout. Things like the resolution being too small and the layout not being proportionate to the desired banner size can lead to holdups in the order.

In an effort to educate his customers and help save them both valuable time and money, Andy from Banner4Sale wrote the handy guide, which explains in easy to follow steps how to create a custom vinyl banner that is sure to turn heads.

First, Andy explains, customers who wish to order a banner should click on the “Banner Printing” box located at the top left side of the company’s website; this will take them to the banner selection portion of the site.

“Select any one of our fixed sizes which best fit your printing needs,” Andy wrote, adding that Banner4Sale offers Illustrator, Photoshop, and PDF file formats of each template to best suit everybody’s software compatibility.

“Once you have downloaded the banner template of your choosing, we’re now ready to begin setting up our art.”

Next, Andy advises that clients should review their chosen template. The new guide also features helpful illustrations that show what the template should look like. The file, he said, should contain four layers: an info layer, banner edge, live print area and grommet marks. Andy takes his readers through each of these layers, describing them in great detail and explaining why they are important.

Step Three, Andy said, involves “part one” of setting up the artwork—creating the background. Andy includes a sample banner in the guide which shows readers which background he has selected, his icons, a word document that contains the information he wants to highlight in his banner and info graphics.

“Start with deleting the info layer since we’re now familiar with this information. Create a new layer and drop in your background image,” he wrote, adding that the image can be enlarged as needed on the screen to fit the dimensions of the banner. A “clipping mask” can be used to remove any excessive pattern that spills outside of the banner’s edge. Once the background artwork looks correct, Andy notes that it’s okay to delete the banner edge layer.

Step Four is titled “Setting up Your Artwork Part 2: Live Print Area.” In this section, Andy offers a detailed explanation, complete with illustrations, on how people can create a new layer and drop in whatever artwork or text they want in their banner.

Finally, in Step Five, Andy teaches how clients can complete the third and final part of setting up artwork—creating the grommet marks.

“When we finally reach this point, this part is more of a review/way to double check your art,” he wrote.

“Turning on our grommet mark layer lets us know if anything in the banner will get covered up when the Banner4Sale production team punches the grommets into the banner.”

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Banner4Sale offers full color, digitally printed indoor/outdoor banner printing. The outdoor vinyl banner prints are available in any size, any color, and any design that people might need. The company makes and provides custom vinyl banner printing for as low as .99 cents per square foot. For more information, please visit http://www.banner4sale.com/blog/how-to-set-up-custom-vinyl-banner-in-five-easy-steps