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BanSar Starts to Provide the Service of Loading Supervision in Any City of China


Suzhou, Jiangsu -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2018 -- BanSar Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd, a leading logistics company in China, today begins to offer loading supervision. It will offer loading supervision for people and business importing goods from any city in China.

BanSar will oversee the loading process in the manufacturer's factory, warehouse and port of origin (in China). It will offer loading supervision alongside other services such as ocean freight, air freight, rail freight and truck freight from China to global destinations.

"Cargo loading supervision is part of our 2018-2019 strategic plan to offer all-in-one shipping solution to businesses and individuals importing from China's vast market," said Mr Max Liu, founder of BanSar. "By providing professional inspection and loading, BanSar will ensure cargo reaches its destination in good condition and on time."

BanSar's professional team will inspect the condition of the container and monitor the loading process. Also, the team will verify the quality of goods in the cargo and control the packaging process.

Moreover, they will confirm all possible identification numbers or markings on the cargo and control conditions of the cargo. The team will also assess and verify the loading method.

All these will ensure the goods and loading process conform to the desires and nature of the contract. Consequently, it will guarantee safe shipping and appropriate handling of cargo, by packing the goods correctly for shipping to take place on time.

With loading supervision being key in shipping from China, BanSar aims to offer a cost-effective and alternative solution to importers. It currently charges 46.5% lower than what other companies such as Asia Inspection and China Inspection Services.

However, for business or companies that work directly with BanSar as the main freight forwarder, loading supervision is free.

BanSar cargo loading and supervision processesare simple and straightforward. It involves requesting for loading supervision, sending forms/details, booking cargo for inspection, the schedule for date and place for loading, then submitting the report.

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For ten years now, BanSar Freight Forwarding Co., LTD has grown to be a premier freight forwarder in China. It offers a range of logistics services while partnering with various carriers and airlines for competitive rates.

With BanSar, clients can use containers for free up to 28 days and warehouse without paying for 20 to 30 days. At every stage, BanSar aims to reduce sourcing procedures and costs for all its client's shipping from China to all global ports in the world.

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