Barbeque Grill Market Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion by 2027

New products such as the Tower T14028 Indoor/Outdoor Electric Barbeque Grill are making a point in the market with their strong demand.


Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2018 -- Rapidly Growing Barbeque Industry to Create Opportunities for Barbeque Grill Manufacturers

The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) conducted a consumer survey in 2017, which states that the use of barbeque grill is likely to increase by at least 29% in the upcoming year. With the increasing popularity of barbeque activities during summer holidays or weekends, the barbeque grill market is likely to witness excellent growth in the near future. Considering the consumers' passion towards arranging barbeque activities with family or friends, barbequing is becoming a fundamental part of the North American lifestyle. The survey also states that more than 35% of the adult population in the U.S. purchased a new barbeque grill in 2017, and it may become a popular trend in the barbeque industry in the upcoming years

The Barbecue Industry Association Grill (BIAG) stated that, as consumers believe that grilling is one of the healthiest methods of cooking, the sales of barbeque grills will increase rapidly. Along with the rapidly growing barbeque industry, demand for various barbeque accessories such as grills, skewers, and other barbeque tools is increasing. Over 83% of the North American population owned three or more barbeque accessories in 2017. As consumers are willing to customize their barbeque experience, growing demand for barbeque accessories is likely to drive the growth of the barbeque grill market in the foreseeable future.

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Charcoal, Gas, and Electric: Manufacturers to Introduce Innovative Types of Barbeque Grills

As barbequing has become one of the favorite outdoor activity among consumers, manufacturers in the barbeque grill market are introducing various types of barbeque grills to meet their exact needs. Convenience remains among the primary needs for consumers willing to purchase a barbeque grill. As gas barbeque grill are fuelled by propane tanks or natural gas lines at homes, the needs for speedy meals are satisfied with this types of barbeque grills. Gas barbeque grills are popular among consumers for its applications in outdoor recreation activities. With a huge number of consumers across the globe indulging in outdoor recreation activities such as hiking, camping, and camping, gas barbeque grills are most often accompanies as a mean of cooking food outdoors.

Also, charcoal barbeque grills are gaining immense popularity among consumers owing to the distinct flavor they add to the food. Although a charcoal grill require sufficient place similar to gas grills, they are more cost-effective as compared to the prices of gas barbeque grills. However, growing needs for compact barbeque grills among consumers living in condominiums or apartments are boosting demand for electric barbeque grills. Apart from charcoal, gas, and electric grill, pallet barbeque grill are becoming popular in the barbeque grill market owing to the true hardwood flavor they add to the food. Manufacturers in the barbeque grill market are making available all the types of barbeque grills in order to address the dynamic needs of consumers around the world.

Distinct Colors and Designs of Barbeque Grills and Accessories to Attract Consumers the Most

As barbequing is becoming an important part of consumers' lifestyle, demand for barbeque grills with unique designs and colors is increasing. The barbeque grill market is witnessing innovative trends that are gaining popularity among manufacturers. Leading manufacturers in the barbeque grill market are introducing barbeque grills with retro colors to replace black or typical stainless steel barbeque grills. Taking into account the increasing participation of consumers in outdoor activities, barbeque grills with vibrant colors and unique designs are likely to grab consumers' attention.

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Apart from the color and design of barbeque grills, manufacturers in the barbeque grill market are focusing on providing technologically advanced barbeque accessories as well. High-tech gear for barbequing and grilling such as an electric smoker, digital thermometer, and advanced controller are being introduced by market players to gain a competitive edge in the barbeque grill market. Traeger grills, a leading manufacturer in the barbeque grill market, recently introduced a pallet barbeque grill that can be operated on Wi-Fi. By enabling consumers to perform various tasks associated with barbequing, such as setting accurate temperature, from afar, these barbeque grills provide great convenience to consumers.