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Bargain Ebooks and Smashwords Coupons Featured Weekly at Her Ladyship's Quest

People who use any ereading device like a Kindle, Nook, iPad, computer, or tablet can browse Smashwords deals at the blog of Tracy Falbe. Updated every Wednesday, the bargain ebooks and coupon codes include nonfiction and fiction.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2013 -- Her Ladyship’s Quest, the blog of author Tracy Falbe, has added a Smashwords Deals page that updates every Wednesday. The weekly feature lists bargain ebooks selected by Tracy Falbe plus coupon codes submitted by other authors to promote their titles in the Smashwords store.

Falbe selected the Smashwords retail store as a source for highlighting ebooks because of its international reach and multiple format offerings that serve any device.

“I didn't want to create an ebook discovery page that excluded potential readers because of the device they use or the country they live in,” Falbe said.

Falbe aims to present a bargain ebook list with a variety of genres and topics. She’ll accept any fiction genre or nonfiction topic from authors sharing their coupon codes. Only topics she deems overtly hateful or obscene will be declined.

As a Smashwords author herself, she often visits its online retail store and hand picks new titles that catch her eye for the list. “I buy ebooks there myself and visit the site frequently to check my sales reports and study marketing tips from the company, so it’s easy for me to collect a few interesting titles along the way to showcase,” Falbe said.

She shares ebook bargains of $4.99 or less. And she often finds one or more free ebooks to put on the list each week too.

Other authors send her their coupon deals through a form at Her Ladyship’s Quest. The discounts range from 25% to 100% off regular prices.

Falbe decided to solicit coupon codes from other authors to build the list because very few blogs mention Smashwords deals. Most book blogs are predominantly focused on Amazon Kindle promotions. She hopes that her blog can offer an extra place for authors to run ebook sales regardless of what platform a potential reader uses to view ebooks.

Ebook discovery lists are increasingly popular with readers. Hundreds of thousands of new titles are published in English every year, and merchandising at retailers pushes titles that are already popular. Weekly or daily features at numerous blogs help readers find titles that often get zero merchandising elsewhere. This helps readers enjoy some serendipity when browsing for new titles.

“You just might find something you love that you never would’ve discovered otherwise,” Falbe said.

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