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Bargain Room Aims to Revolutionize Online Retail


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- The Internet has created an infinite amount of new opportunities, and many of those still remain untapped. Traditional methods of conveying information have begun to change with the advent of twitter, tumblr and YouTube, but even these can be seen as Internet conversions of post-its, post-cards and TV. The true innovation that can be achieved by the Internet lies not in converting existing processes, but in doing things differently. Bargain Room is an online retailer that is looking to do just that, with a unique buyer-supplier setup that cuts out middle-men and may well undercut their competition.

BargainRoom works by sourcing products directly from manufacturers and distributors, making use of high quality imagery and detailed product descriptions as you would find in any catalogue, but with the added bonus of a price listing that tabulates the percentage saved against the MSRP. This price has been negotiated exclusively for Bargain Room by their dedicated team, who use the size of their membership to negotiate deals that wholesalers would be jealous of. Without the need for warehouses and a physical retail outlet, the savings to the end user can be more significant than even business models such as Amazon, which still operate in the traditional manner.

The site currently offers everything from camcorders to sound systems, hairdryers to cutlery, jewelry to toys and so much more, with product ranges expanding every day as more suppliers and customers alike discover the efficacy of Bargain Room.

A spokesperson for the site explained, "The first question we’re usually asked is how do we do it? Well, when you shop online or at a store, there are manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers all taking a cut along the way, and this drives up the cost for the customer. At Bargain Room, we cut out all these middlemen and allow customers to purchase from the top of the retail chain, who we’ve negotiated with on their behalf to drive prices even lower. It’s easiest to think of us as a sales team for our membership, using our supplier relationships to get the best deals on the Internet. Take a look for yourself.”

About Bargain Room
Bargain Room was founded in September of 2012, Bargain Room is a gamified marketplace that connects customers directly with suppliers. Their mission is to provide manufacturers and distributors with an additional channel of distribution, while allowing their users to save on merchandise by dealing directly with suppliers. For more information please visit: