BargainEZ Releases Hundreds of Passbook Coupons for Major Retailers

BargainEZ, the leader in printable coupons for retail stores, is now offering hundreds of Passbook coupons for major retailers.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- BargainEZ, the leader in printable coupons for retail stores, is now offering hundreds of Passbook coupons for major retailers. A popular destination for printable coupons, the social network at is now offering a convenient way to redeem in-store coupons. Powered by Apple's newly released Passbook platform for iOS 6, BargainEZ transforms traditional printable coupons into Passbook coupons that can be used for in-store discounts. BargainEZ is one of the early adopters of the Passbook platform, and currently the most complete source of Passbook coupons for retail stores and restaurants.

Installing an iOS app is not required to add Passbook coupons from BargainEZ. The coupons can be added to Passbook directly when browsing the website using an iPhone or iPod touch. For OS X Mountain Lion users browsing BargainEZ, the coupons can be added to Passbook through iCloud with a single click on the "Add to Passbook" button. On all other devices, the customer is prompted to enter their email address. An email is then sent, containing the Passbook coupon and a link to the traditional printable coupon. Passbook coupons can be viewed by Android users as well, using a Passbook compatible app, such as PassWallet.

BargainEZ continues to offer printable coupon alternatives for all the Passbook coupons, but encourages all those who can take advantage of the Passbook technology to adopt this convenient and environmentally responsible way of redeeming in-store coupons. A list of all the Passbook coupons is now available on BargainEZ at

All the printable coupons that have Passbook enabled versions now present a noticeable "Add to Passbook" button throughout Members of BargainEZ can instantly transform printable coupons that they share into Passbook coupons. By completing a single field after their printable coupon submission is complete, BargainEZ users can create a Passbook version of the printable coupon that they just submitted, making it available for everyone to use on their Passbook enabled device.

About BargainEZ
Originally launched in November 2010, BargainEZ is enjoying increasing popularity thanks to its modern interface, vast database of coupons and social features. In 2011, just months after its launch, BargainEZ became the fastest growing coupon website. In 2012 it rebuilt itself into the first complete social network for coupons, featuring the easiest way to share coupons and deals.

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