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Bariatric Patient Room Market Will Reflect Significant Growth Prospects During 2016-2026

Bariatric Patient Room Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2016-2026


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2019 -- There is a significant increase in the number of bariatric admissions to healthcare facilities in the United States. This has led to a challenging time for healthcare providers and facilities that are trying hard to provide much needed care to bariatric patients that is effective, dignified and safe for both the patient and the care provider. Hence, while designing new hospitals and retrofitting the existing ones, care is taken to ensure that bariatric patients are accommodated. The facilities that the bariatric patient room market offers are designated bariatric rooms with adjoining bariatric toilet rooms, non-corridor doors, operating tables with 600 pounds weight limits, CT scanners with a bariatric tables and special 600 and 1000 pounds patient lifts in the ICU.

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While there are no specific guidelines for designing bariatric patient rooms, some best practices have been conceptualized by the architects and designers to ensure that bariatric patients are comfortable in their stay in a healthcare facility. Owing to the obesity epidemic in the United States, the average size patient for whom hospitals should be designing now weighs 330 pounds. However, while designing healthcare facilities for bariatric patients, this measurement increases to 1000 pounds. So with the awareness about Bariatric patient room design increasing, there is a lot of scope for a boom in the bariatric patient room market.

Bariatric Patient Room Market: Drivers

Hospitals all across the United States are struggling to serve an increasing number of obese patients, and are adopting new design guidelines to accommodate such kind of patients. This has led to a sharp focus on bariatric patient room market that is poised to show a robust growth. In addition, going through a bariatric surgery has become relatively necessary for people who are obese and overweight. Due to the increasing prevalence of obesity in developed western countries, the awareness about bariatric surgery has increased. This has generated a need for conducive environment for bariatric patients in the healthcare facilities where there every need is met easily and they are comfortable during their surgery and recovery phase.

In order to treat bariatric patients, healthcare providers must invest in equipment, furniture and renovation that support heavier patients. The median estimated cost of obesity related renovations is $100,000. However, such costs are being recovered by the hospitals through the increase in popularity of bariatric surgeries, and Medicare reimbursements. Also, equipment inventory cost is recovered within 6 months. All this contributes to the growing bariatric patient room market.

Bariatric Patient Room Market: Restraints

While most healthcare facilities recognize the need to modify existing spaces and create better spaces to support an increasing bariatric patient population, there is no specific minimum weight requirement or code to follow. What complicates the matter further is the fact that there is a complete lack of a standard for what defines a bariatric patient. In addition, rates of obesity vary from region to region, making it difficult to cater to requirements that would be applicable universally. Apart from this, it should be noted that caring for obese and overweight patients cost an average of 37% more than treatment of non-obese patients.

Bariatric Patient Room Market: Key Regions

As per the available data, the North America bariatric surgery market was the largest in 2014, with increasing amount of investment by both the government and the industry to counter the ill effects caused by obesity. Also, the initiatives by the United States government in the healthcare sector makes the North American bariatric patient room market lucrative. Obesity is also increasing at an alarming rate in Europe, making it a growing market for bariatric patient rooms. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market for bariatric surgery and hence the market for bariatric patient rooms is also gaining huge traction.

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Bariatric Patient Room Market: Key Market Players

The bariatric patient room market is growing fast, however it is not dominated by one key player in particular. Some of the important companies in the field of bariatric market in the United States are Hill-Rom, Nemschoff, Brayton, NewCare, Stryker Medical, Softcare and a few others.