Bark at the Moon Blog Releases January Post on Dog Training

Green Butterfly Brand's Bark at the Moon Blog shares training tips for dog owners in honor of National Train Your Dog Month


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2017 -- January, named National Train Your Dog Month, is a great time to implement new resolutions for you and your dog. Green Butterfly Brand's Bark at the Moon recently posted to their blog in order to not only raise awareness of the month's theme, but also encourage dog owners to start the year off right with a better-behaved pup. The post begins by explaining the origins of National Train Your Dog Month; in January, many pets that were given as holiday gifts are dropped off at shelters when the owners find they cannot handle them. The blog post explains that this could be avoided if more people knew how to handle and train animals, particularly dogs. It goes on to list some tips and tricks for readers to apply in the New Year that'll result in a more obedient dog. The first tip cautions potential owners to name their dog something short with a strong ending consonant, instead of something "cute". The second tip encourages a set of rules to be created before bringing a dog home that will be consistent throughout the whole home. The third tip advises that dogs should be scolded immediately for bad behavior, as their memory of the incident will only last short-term. When a dog has done something good, the fourth tip urges, owners should praise the pup exceedingly so the message gets across.

Bark at the Moon ends their blog post suggesting their own treats as a great way to reward and praise a dog for good behavior. Bark at the Moon's treat line offers a wide variety of options, such as Natural Turkey Treats, Chicken Jerky for dogs and cats, Salmon, and Chicken Hearts. All four of their treats offer natural ingredients and abundant nutrients, along with the signature meaty flavor that dogs crave. Known for the ability to break into small pieces, these natural treats can serve as dog training treats to assist dog parents with doggy school and every day training. Furthermore, their treats are grain-free and low in calories, so no matter how many good deeds a dog does, he can always be rewarded with more treats without compromising his health.

The January blog post continues to prove that Bark at the Moon will maintain the small-business ideal of caring for their customers and dogs in general. With these training tools under their belts, dog owners will be less likely to return their new pup to the shelter; the goal in this being emptier shelters across the country.

About Green Butterfly Brands
Green Butterfly Brands is a small American business committed to providing healthy pet snacks, made in USA. Bark at the Moon All-Natural Treats offers pet owners a healthy way to reward their dogs and cats for love and good behavior. Bark at the Moon's Natural Turkey Treats, Premium Chicken Jerky, Wild-Caught Salmon Dog Treats, and Whole Chicken Hearts can be purchased on Amazon.