Bark at the Moon Blog Releases Post About Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

The Bark at the Moon Blog names October as the month dedicated to rescuing shelter dogs


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2017 -- The Bark at the Moon Blog asks readers to put aside their tricks and treats, and put a spotlight on the importance of helping furry friends in need: shelter dogs. October was officially named Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, in hopes of bringing awareness to the issue of overcrowded shelters across the U.S. The blog post emphasizes the importance of adopting and rescuing pups instead of buying from a breeder, since those puppies will always find homes while dogs in shelters are constantly being put down. "Our dream is to one day see the shelters across America empty," says Julia Stanton, Director of Marketing for Green Butterfly Brands, makers of Bark at the Moon All Natural Dog Treats. "Because all the pups will have found their forever homes."

The Bark at the Moon Blog gives its readers a few options to honor Adopt A Shelter Dog Month. The first is obvious: adopt a shelter dog. Bark at the Moon advises readers to visit their local shelter or rescue to make a connection. The second option recommends donating to the local shelter, if adopting is not currently an option. Shelters are always in need of donations that include blankets, toys, healthy dog treats and cash donations. The third tip encourages readers to even volunteer at these shelters; volunteering can include feeding the dogs, playing with them, and taking them on walks. The fourth and final options are easy and can be done in a snap: share the link to a rescue on your social media, or post a picture of your own shelter pup.

"At Green Butterfly Brands, we are big advocates of adoption," says Stanton. "Most dogs who wind up in shelters are not there for their own faults– they deserve a loving home." The Bark at the Moon mascots, Bear and Demo, are shelter dogs themselves who have found a forever home with the all-natural business's founder. To read the full article on Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, visit

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