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Barking Rain Press Announces Launch of Apocalyptic Fantasy Novel, 'Postponing Armageddon'

Written by UK author, Adele Abbott, the engrossing novel is leaving readers everywhere questioning the nature of fate and faith. Chosen as one of six finalists in the 2011Anywhere But Here, Anywhen But Now contest, the book is resonating with readers around the world.


Vancouver, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- Barking Rain Press, a non-profit fiction publisher, announced the paperback and eBook release of the apocalyptic Fantasy novel Postponing Armageddon by Yorkshire, UK author Adele Abbott. Postponing Armageddon was one of six finalists in the 2011 Anywhere But Here, Anywhen But Now contest for aspiring debut novelists, sponsored by Sir Terry Pratchett and Transworld Publishers. Barking Rain Press also published Ms. Abbot's first novel, the steampunk fantasy Of Machines & Magics, in 2012.


The second coming of Jesus Christ was scheduled to occur around 1000 AD—but it did not happen as foretold. In the year 1016, the long-lived thirteenth apostle, set off as planned with twelve parchment scrolls inscribed by the apostles, believing that when they were read at Glastonbury Tor, history would be rewritten and the world would be restored to the glorious state originally envisioned by his God. But the other ancient clans of Amaranthines know that if the scrolls are ever put to use, they and their families will disappear, as if they had never existed. What is the price they—and the rest of humanity—will pay for postponing Armageddon?

Jack Everett, Partner and Editor at Archimedes Presse, is thrilled to be associated with the novel.

“It is not often that a Worldwide competition as prestigious as Anywhere but here Anywhen but now is held but it was and this novel was the result. To handle a story like the second coming is daunting enough but to handle it in a way that history and fantasy are interwoven so as to make both believable is the crux,” he says.

Continuing, “For a debut author to have written such a mature book on such a topic makes this a rare find but to make it enjoyable too is worthy of accolades. That is what makes this story important.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“A most unusual and intriguing story which engages the reader like the very best fast-paced murder mysteries, with a new twist that slightly alters biblical and natural history in order to make a good fantasy. First rate entertainment!” says Carol Marrs Phipps.

Author Clint Talbert was equally impressed, adding, ““Set against a rich, seamless backdrop of history, fantasy, and hidden agendas, Adele Abbot takes you on a fantastic journey in this well-crafted, relentless page-turner that will leave you questioning the nature of fate and faith. Well done!”

With the book’s popularity expected to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Postponing Armageddon’ is available now: http://amzn.to/17xQBlQ

About the Author: Adele Abbot
Adele Abbot, a Manchester University graduate first became interested in Fantasy when she came across the Lyonesse series by Jack Vance. Working backwards from there, Adele discovered Vance’s earlier works, including the Dying Earth series, and was immediately fascinated by the way violence and evil could be hidden behind beautiful prose or absurd situations.

After several false starts and encouragement from friends and family, she began writing her first book, ‘Of Machines & Magics’. While shopping for a publisher, Adele began work on another fantasy, ‘Postponing Armageddon,’ which she entered in the “Anywhere but here, anywhen but now” contest for aspiring debut novelists, sponsored by Sir Terry Pratchett and Transworld Publishers. Out of more than five hundred entries, ‘Postponing Armageddon’ reached the prize shortlist of six.

In addition to pursuing a writing career, Ms. Abbot pursues a full-time career and currently resides in God’s County, Yorkshire in the UK with her partner and son.