Barlin Times Manufactures High Quality Slip Rings for Many Industries

They cater to several countries across the globe for their personalized products


Luohu, Shenzhen -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2015 -- Slip rings are very important for any equipment that needs to freely rotate for 360°. At, these are available in different shapes and styles to meet the requirements of a number of industries. From medical to security and military, there are many usages of these products and Barlin Times is considered to be one of the better known names in the same.

Apart from the products on display, they also undertake customized orders. They are said to have specialist designers who understand the needs of individual clients and manufacture ones that meet all the checks. With the help of advanced technology and a strong engineering team, the Company has even earned patent certifications for their merchandise.

Bar rings have to be accurate in design and be able to fit into the equipment they are meant for. Since these facilitate rotation, care should be taken to choose the right kind. In case of any doubts, interested customers can contact their team at the information provided below and get the same cleared. Their customer service team has been given positive reviews from several of their patrons.

The website says, "Though these slip rings appear small in size, their importance is paramount in a number of high level equipment. These need to be of high quality and we ensure that they are perfect in every way. Some of the products such as Capsule Slip Ring, Liquid or GA S Slip Ring, Mercury Slip Ring, Carbon Brush Slip Ring, etc. have been shipped to several European and American countries as well. The prices of our products are also kept competitive at all times."

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The website claims that they guarantee on time delivery and there is no pilferage when it comes to packaging. They have an online contact system which is convenient for those who wish to know more about their merchandise. A hotline is also available for faster resolution of issues. With a decade's experience behind them, Barlin Times can be considered for such products.

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