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Barrellockmeterkey.webs.Com Announces Record Demand for Meter Keys Designed to Open Utility Barrel Locks


Riverside, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2016 --, is a trusted and respected source for the best in meter keys designed to open utility barrel locks. For wide range of utility services including water, gas, electrical and even solar power, barrel locks and their associated media keys provide superior protection for those wishing to keep utilities safe from theft. With years of experience in the business, has earned the reputation for providing the very best in high quality tools and barrel lock meter keys. The company has seen a record increase in demand for a wide range of media keys covering many different types of utility companies across the country. From New York City to Austin Texas and meter keys used throughout California, is literally a one-stop shop for the best in a full range of meter utility tools. is a company that brings years of experience to the table when it comes to providing the best in barrel locks and meter keys. The company has received calls from cities across the country from individuals who are wishing to protect their utilities as the price of energy continues to increase. Many reports show that there has been a steady increase in energy theft in most major cities around the country. This is the reason why more people than ever before are choosing to lock their utilities to protect them from unauthorized access. has outstanding customer service and knowledgeable and experienced technicians that can answer just about any question when it comes to barrel locks and meter keys.

The barrel lock meter key is a unique device that is highly impervious to hacking and picking. This unique type of lock is like no other in that it is round in design and requires the use of a special plunger type key. The keys have been used for many years and have proven successful in protecting a wide range of utilities from unauthorized access. has earned a reputation for working with only the highest quality tools and locks as well as plunger type keys available today. This recent announcement with regard to record demand for meter keys designed to open utility barrel locks is just one clear indicator that consistently strives to exceed the expectations of customers when it comes to the best in tools, locks and keys for utilities.

About is a respected provider of a variety of barrel lock meter keys and other related products. The company has been serving the country for well over a decade. Staffed by experienced and knowledgeable meter key professionals with decades of experience in the industry, offers a host of meter keys for barrel locks and solar panel keys for solar equipment. Serving customers with reliable and dependable meter key services for many years the company is reliable and dependable. has excellent ratings, reviews and word-of-mouth credits. is a barrel lock and meter tool company with a long and trusted track record.