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Bartender Training Has Become a New Teambuilding Exercise


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2015 -- Mixology has become the latest trend in corporate team building exercises in the US and now Canada.  Companies that are looking for a fun and unusual approach to building cohesiveness and relationships have delved into this fun and informative training.  Companies like Professional Cocktail Solutions (NY) bring the classes directly to the boardroom, employing various techniques to educate people on the very real trade of bartending and mixology, but also on how to improve trust at work and open the lines of dialogue within teams.  Corporate cocktail classes usually start with drinks to break the ice, but will quickly evolve into an educational course on the types of spirits being used in drinks, various approaches to mixing, as well as, recipes that participants can take home with them.

"It's along the lines of an adventure weekend, only less dangerous and more fun," says spokesperson for Zoltan Hunt.  "Everyone loves a cocktail and corporations use these events to not just promote bonding but also as a fun activity that helps with employee retention.  When teams have fun together, when companies invest in something silly like this the employees feel valued and happy.  Happy employees stay in their jobs and it becomes a win-win."

Corporate teambuilding events are used to lighten the atmosphere, as well as, reward workers for diligence or hitting milestones.  Mixology classes routinely receive high ratings from participants because they give people an excuse to laugh and bring out their inner mad scientists.  Not only do people come away with very real training that will help them create fantastic cocktails and enthuse guests at dinners and parties, but participants do have some quality time with coworkers that can help soften tension and improve relations within the company.

"Many of these teambuilding programs are like watching a performance artist troupe so it can be quite exciting to watch them being hosted," says Hunt.  "Everyone has a good time at them and takes home something from the event whether that is seeing their coworkers in a better light or recipes."

Websites like are useful resources for managers to use to find mixologists or companies that specialize in corporate training. is a clearinghouse for training providers, academies, schools and information about this profession, providing information about education and the industry to individuals seeking more detailed information on the topic.

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