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Bartertown Radio Announces International Status

Bartertown Radio talks barter and more.


Wessington, SD -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- Bartertown Radio talks barter and more, with Chris Haddawy from BizX and Ardel Taykowski, owner of Absolute Barter. Also featured are barter members Gloria Russel, Nerium, and Lisa Kalb, Augusta Virtual Assistants.

Bartertown Radio is a new radio talk show, dedicated to the subject of barter, that just celebrated its six month anniversary. In that time, co-hosts Bob Prentice and Sandra Harshman have had the privilege of interviewing delightful business owners who definitely have a lot to say about barter.

Recently they interviewed Chris Haddawy, founder and co-owner of Biz X. Bartertown Radio went on an excursion and also featured guests of barter companies, Gloria Russel, who is an Independent Account Executive of Nerium and Lisa Kalb, owner of Augusta Virtual Assistants “Bartertown Radio is touring the country and sponsoring guests from all over the nation,” explains Prentice. “We want to hear from barter members about their businesses and how barter plays a role within their business.”

In August, 2014, Bartertown Radio joined the international-worldwide scene and now has listeners all over the world, according to Harshman. “We have a powerful guest to be featured internationally on September 27, 2014. Edgar Kampers from QOIN will be interviewed on our show.” says Harshman. “All of the guests on our show are featured as Royal Stars as we travel on the journey of Educating 4 Barter.”

Bartertown Radio is now Global.

To listen to the shows, go to and click on the appropriate link.

Bartertown Radio is a talk show program designed to educate and have fun with people from all walks of life who are interested in expanding their business by utilizing their excess, unused and unsold inventory in their businesses to increase sales volume and capital.

Bartertown Radio airs live Saturday mornings at 11:00 a.m. EST and features barter and trade exchange owners, barter members, and other special guests. Anyone who loves to barter and trade will enjoy listening to Bartertown Radio.

For more information please visit our website at or and listen to the wonderful shows with Chris Haddawy, Ardell Taykowski, Barter Owners and our guest Gloria Russel and Lisa Kalb, Barter members.

About Bob Prentice
Robert A. ( Bob) Prentice has owned barter exchanges since the 1980's and consulted with other barter exchange owners for over 25 years, and built many barter clubs and groups. His friends call him Barter n' Bob. Millions of dollars worth of goods and service have been exchanged in his trade systems. Discover what barter can do for you, as you tap into your excess, unused, and unsold inventory. When Bob is not involved in some trade or barter transaction he is speaking to groups of people all over the United States on the topics of attitude, creative thinking, leadership and customer service. Find out more at

About Sandra Harshman
Sandra Harshman spent many years as a tax accountant and many more years in publishing and marketing before owning and operating a Merchant Services Business along with issuing Visa and Mastercard to Banks and Financial Institutions and has authored several books as well. Ms. Harshman received the Presidential Award in 2003 for National Businesswoman of the Year. Currently she owns and operates an Anti Aging business. FCX-DNA cosmetic line. Ms. Harshman was very active in Barter and Trading for Concierge parties In Hawaii beginning in 1995.

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