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Bartertown Radio Has a Movie Star on the Show


Wessington, SD -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- A revolutionary new talk show program hits the media with a run on a brand NEW topic but very OLD way of doing business with Barter and Trade. The industry was an exciting business and Educate 4 Barter, LLC decided to zoop it up by hosting movie stars, famous authors, software creators and hosts. Every Saturday morning Educate 4 Barter Inc. consisting of Bob Prentice, a national motivational speaker and author, and Sandra Harshman, a financial guru and author, both specializing in small business and barter business and sponsoring the talk show program.

The program hosts a program live every Saturday morning at 11:00 EST ( check your time for local time) and features such people as barter and trade exchange owners, barter members with their businesses, author’s such as Michael Wigge, “How to Barter Your Way to Paradise“ and Karen Hoffman, “The Art of Barter and How to Barter for Almost Anything”. Now Educate 4 Barter has their first Movie Star on the Show. Kentuckyanajones (from Kentucky) who has been in the barter business for a very long time and has a museum in Kentucky bartering and selling upper end artifacts, clothing, art, jewelry and designer clothing. Well Good Ole Kentuckyanajones has been on the A & E network on shows like Barry’s Treasures with Barry Weiss and now, you've got it, he has his very owns series to air shortly on the A & E Network. The talk show program is designed to educate and have fun with people from all walks of life that are interested in expanding their business by utilizing old or unused inventory in their businesses to increase sales volume and capital in their business.

Educate 4 Barter was formed by business owners being inspired one day during a conference call to come together as a Dream Team and form a professional association and to begin hosting a talk show program ”Where We Talk Trade”, our Motto and Theme for every show.

These same people also own and operate other full time businesses.

About Bob Prentice
Bob Prentice is a National Motivational Speaker and has owned and operated several barter exchanges as well as becoming an author with his book: "Home Grown: The Seeds to Success". Bob is the Radio Talk Show Host.

About Sandra Harshman
Sandra Harshman spent many years as a tax accountant and many more years in publishing and marketing before owning and operating a merchant services business along with issuing Visa and Mastercard to banks and financial institutions and has authored several books as well. Ms. Harshman received the Presidential Award in 2003 for ‘National Businesswoman of the Year”. Currently she owns and operates an Anti-Aging business, FCX-DNA cosmetic line.

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