Seven Secrets of Hitting

Baseball Training Course Available Online Teaches MLB Hitting Techiques

Code for free access to the baseball training course available to the first 99 sign-ups.


Aurora, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- Coach Startz announces the a new promotion for his online baseball training course, "The 7 Secrets of Hitting a Baseball." As a father and baseball coach of twenty years, Coach Startz (Ben Startzer) seeks to help girls and boys who are struggling at the plate. His online course takes from insights into the approaches and techniques of Major League Baseball players, and using video analysis distills those techniques down to forms which benefit youth players.

The baseball training course is taken in five sections with a total of 24 lessons. Each sign-up gets lifetime access to the materials with no time-limit to complete the course. Currently, Coach Startz is offering 99 free sign-ups.

The online baseball training course uses slow motion video analysis of top baseball stars. Stars such as Albert Pujols, Ken Griffey Jr., Robinson Cano, Joey Mauer get their batting techniques studied and illustrated through the instructional videos. The same video analysis is then put to youth players in duplicating those techniques used by MLB stars. The lessons in the course use in-depth voice-over instruction to make clear each step in the batting techniques.

The "7 Secrets of Hitting a Baseball" online baseball training program can be done at each individual's pace. Coach Startz wants anyone who is a coach or has a son or daughter in baseball or softball to know that the baseball training course offered in "7 Secrets . . ." fits perfectly as a supplement to any batting routine. This is a first of its kind online course where video analysis serves as a tool in looking at both MLB players and youth players to derive a set of batting techniques that can be understood, practiced and put to use in every game by girls and boys seeking to improve their softball and baseball batting averages.

"7 Secrets of Hitting a Baseball" can be found by going to

Coach Startz is offering the first 99 people who sign-up free access to the baseball training course website. He has made available a code which will grant free access to those first 99 sign-ups. The code is "99OnlineReviews".

About Coach Startz
Ben Startzer (Coach Startz) is a youth baseball coach, with over 20 years experience coaching all levels of baseball including NCAA. He offers "The 7 Secrets of Hitting a Baseball" as a way to expand his coaching and sports education efforts.

Ben Startzer
Aurora, CO