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BaseballGames.org Gains Attention for Its Free Online Baseball Games


Somerset, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2012 -- Baseball is America’s most popular pastime. For generations, children and adults from across the country have played baseball, and even in today’s age of video games and the internet, baseball remains a popular activity.

One website seeks to bring the classic tradition of baseball to the online world. At http://www.BaseballGames.org, visitors will be greeted by a range of different baseball games. The website allows visitors to play a wide range of popular online baseball games that feature a variety of themes, including zombie baseball, urban baseball, and more.

A spokesperson for BaseballGames.org explained why the website is growing in popularity:

“At BaseballGames.org, we’ve combined two popular activities: baseball and video games. When you take into account the fact that all games are free to play, it’s easy to see why our user base has been growing at a constant pace. We’ve incorporated numerous games all that require different skills and strategies.”

From the website, visitors will see a number of popular online baseball games. A game called Stealin Home allows players to steal their way through all four bases, while Holiday Pitch sees players facing off against Santa Claus for supremacy on the diamond.

For visitors who want a more traditional approach to the pastime, one online game is simply called Baseball. It promises to give players the ability to “swing that bat with precision to make the audience scream and cheer for you.”

For players who are unfamiliar with the world of online baseball games, the BaseballGames.org website sorts its games based on their popularity. The right hand side of the homepage features a ranking of most popular games, while the left hand side features a ranking of the top rated games. Zombie Baseball is currently the top rated game, while the classic Baseball game is labeled as the most popular.

The website currently features 39 games in total, and it seeks to give gamers a wide variety of options when it comes to playing their favorite pastime online:

“Everybody’s different when it comes to playing online baseball games. Some people like to stick to the classic baseball game with traditional rules, while others want to fight off zombies or play as Scooby Doo. Our website allows players to do any of those things in order to create the ultimate baseball gaming experience for kids and adults.”

Whether recapturing baseball memories from childhood or making new baseball memories today, BaseballGames.org wants to bring the popularity of a classic pastime into the online world. Featuring themes that appeal to both children and adults, BaseballGames.org seeks to provide entertainment to baseball fans around the world.

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