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Basetec Piling Contractors Launches Free Site Visits and Estimates for All in Need of Foundation Strengthening

Basetec Piling Contractors is now offering a free initial site visit together with a no obligation estimate so they can make the most accurate offer possible to potential clients.


Bolton, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2015 -- Foundations are without doubt the most essential part of any structure, as they will bear the weight and support the build of everything from the smallest bungalow to the biggest building on earth. Ensuring that the ground beneath a building is sure and firm is even the topic of a biblical allegory, and has remained a constant challenge to this day. Basetec Piling Contractors specializes in ensuring foundations, whether new or old, are in the best condition to support their structures, and is now offering a free initial visit, consultation and estimate.

Basetec Piling Contractors offers a surprisingly diverse range of preparation and treatment services for laying and reinforcing foundations, including their piling services, reinforced concrete slabs, underpinning, and groundwork, making them the most comprehensive full service foundation preparation, installation, maintenance and repair company in the northwest.

Basetec Piling Contractors will now come to the site of any enquiry and conduct a full inspection and evaluation of the area in order to give the most thorough and accurate estimate possible. They will advise on the best course of action to prepare or repair the site with minimum disruption to existing features, helping build a relationship with potential clients before the work begins.

A spokesperson for explained, "Some competitors will give a very vague and general quote based on just a few bare facts about the site without going into detail, then their clients are shocked when prices soar as they encounter unexpected difficulties. We make it our business to visit every site that enquires with us so we can understand the particular needs and challenges of the site itself, and respond to them with the most economic and effective plan of action. This is why we are the best in the business, and we want our customers to get the best work for their projects."

About Basetec Piling Contractors
Basetec Piling Contractors are a specialist piling and underpinning contractor based in Manchester and operating throughout the entire northwest. They undertake piling works on extensions, conservatories, houses and factories. Their services are essential for anyone with poor ground conditions and foundation issues, offering Pile and Ground Beam Foundations and structural solutions.

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