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Bash Dental Highlights the Importance of Oral Hygiene During Pregnancy


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2018 -- Most expecting mothers already know that they should be avoiding alcohol and eating right to help their little one develop. Unfortunately, few understand the full importance of taking care of their own teeth during this special time. This month, Bash Dental is highlighting the importance of maintaining positive oral health when pregnant.

Many women believe that they must skip their dental appointments while pregnant, but the truth is that most dental procedures are safe to perform after the completion of the first trimester. In fact, pregnant women may want to schedule cleanings more often than usual, as changes in hormone patterns can increase the chances of developing swollen gums and gingivitis.

Bash Dental is making it known that pregnancy does not mean that women should be avoiding emergency dental treatment. While it is recommended that cosmetic procedures be postponed until after the baby arrives, women who need to visit a dental urgent care in Philadelphia should know that Bash Dental can safely accommodate pregnant women should they need an emergency procedure.

However, it is crucial that expecting mothers remember to inform the dentist that they are pregnant and which medications they are currently taking so an appropriate and safe anesthetic can be chosen.

Expecting mothers or any member of the community who is in need of an emergency dentist in Philadelphia is urged to call Bash Dental's 24/7 response line at 215-789-4106 for immediate service. For more information about dispelled myths about oral health and pregnancy, interested parties are encouraged to visit Bash Dental online at

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