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Bash Dental Raises Awareness That Dental and Mental Health Are Linked


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2017 -- Not only does failing to take proper care of the teeth and gums have detrimental physical effects, but it can also negatively impact one's mental health and vice versa. This connection is unknown to most people. Bash Dental, the leading emergency dentists serving North Wales, PA, would like to educate their patients regarding this matter.

The mind and body have a significant link. A problem with the mind affects the body and a problem with the body affects mental health. Although research on this connection is relatively new and limited, studies suggest there are legitimate effects that mental health issues have on dental health, showing that those with mental illnesses are more likely to have poor oral health.

People with mental illness are more likely to have decayed or missing teeth, which severely affects their physical appearance, self-esteem and self-image. Depression is associated with the abuse of alcohol, caffeine and tobacco, which can promote tooth erosion and decay. Those with depression may neglect to take care of themselves, including oral hygiene.

It also goes the other way. Dental hygiene affects eating and speaking, changing both the social and psychological aspects of one's everyday life. Likewise, bad breath can exacerbate social anxiety.

Neglecting dental or mental health can affect the other and cause more problems. Anyone seeking to improve not just the way they look, but also the way that they feel will be happy to learn Richard N. Bash, DDS is available to provide personalized dental treatment this fall.

Dr. Bash is an experienced dentist in the Chalfont, PA area, and treats every patient with the respect and care they deserve. Interested parties can contact Bash Dental by calling 215-789-4106 or visiting their website at to schedule an appointment or learn more about the link between their mental and dental health.

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