ApplenMicro Releases New Batch of Side Effects from Medicine


West Chester, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- has released a new batch of side effects from medicines. It might sounds bad to those who are patrons to the drugs but it is their duty to tell the public about what side effects they should be prepared about if they are going to take these. As they say, use at your own risk. At least the guys from told you about it. The drugs involved are Simvastatin, Furosemide and Methotrexate. To know more about these side effects, read below.

Simvastatin the killer of high cholesterol

Basically Simvastatin is used for busting out that bad cholesterol in the body with its content, high triglycerides. It also prevents you from having cardiovascular disease. While this can decrease the dangers of having a stroke or a heart attack, it has its side effects that you should know. The common side effects of Simvastatin are you get abdominal pain, then your head aches much, you feel faint or weak, some nausea, you get upset stomach often, diarrhea, rashes, and your body itches where there are flushes or redness on some parts of your skin and some runny or stuffy nose. Those are just some of the common ones but there are some rare cases like harsh or incessant allergic reaction, you will have a hard time breathing, your face, tongue, lips or mouth will well much, your stools will be stained and many more. So be careful on taking this drug and always follow the doctor’s instructions.

Furosemide the Edema treatment

The Furosemide is a drug that is used for people who have extreme swelling or edema. It is also used for people who have cirrhosis, heart failure, nephrotic syndrome and a chronic kidney failure. There are times that it is combined with other drugs as well for a maximum effect but it is mostly used without any other combination. Here are some of the common side effects of Furosemide. First you get a change in vision. Then you might have some diarrhea or constipation. Then you will have some headaches, anemia, sensitivity towards the sun, a bit of vertigo, from time to time a fever, stomach ache, numbness on some parts of the body, you will a burning or a tingly sensation, faintness, you will have an abnormally low blood pressure and dehydration. Also tell the doctor first if you have a kidney ailment, gout, liver problem, diabetes, lupus or any allergies against the sulfa drug if you are going to take Furosemide.

Methotrexate the Stopper of Cells

This drug is used in stopping the enlargement of some cells in the body. This is used especially for cancer which replicates its cells quickly. If you use this though you have to look out for these side effects which are fever and chills, acne, vertigo, flushing, hair loss, general body uneasiness, irregular periods, infertility, itching, low immunity, you don’t like eating much, if you are pregnant you will get a miscarriage, sensitivity towards sunlight, nausea, bad or mumbled speech and more.

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