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Crime rates continue to soar in certain area of Los Angeles


Glendale, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2014 -- Certain areas of Los Angeles recently noticed a spike in criminal activity, both violent and property crimes. Those living in downtown, Lake Balboa, Pacoima and Venice need to be aware of recent violent crimes while those in Toluca Lake, Westwood, Hollywood Hills West and Tarzana must be watching for property crimes. Those in Mid-Wiltshire need to be concerned about both. "Anyone charged with one or more crimes in these areas or anywhere in Los Angeles needs a good Los Angeles criminal defense attorney and many turn to Basmadjian Criminal Law Group for representation," Karine Basmadjian, founder of the law firm, declares.

Basmadjian Criminal Law Group assists clients accused of everything from identity theft and credit card fraud to grand theft auto and shoplifting. Although non-violent crimes, those accused of these or any theft-related crime need legal representation to protect their freedom. One must understand the difference between petty theft and grand theft along with which crimes are classified as misdemeanors and which are considered felonies. As Basmadjian points out, the average citizen lacks the knowledge to represent themselves in a court of law and therefore should never do so as Basmadjian Criminal Law Group is ready to help.

Serious charges may involve the bribing of one or more public officials, money laundering or embezzlement as well as criminal conspiracy which may involved organized crime or street gangs. No matter what crime one is charged with, he or she needs legal representation as the prosecuting party has professionals on their side working to prove their case. A strong and compelling defense will be needed, and this is exactly what one gets when they choose to work with Basmadjian Criminal Law Group.

Karine Basmadjian brings almost 20 years of experience to each case she tries. With experience in both federal and state criminal courts, Ms. Basmadjian and her staff fully grasp what is at risk with each case they take. "Thanks to the knowledge and resources accumulated over the years, one can feel comfortable knowing Basmadjian Criminal Law Group is fighting for their freedom and their rights," Basmadjian proclaims.

About Basmadjian Criminal Law Group
Basmadjian Criminal Law Group, founded by Karine Basmadjian in 2005, provides fierce advocacy and strong legal counsel for all clients, from either side of the criminal justice system. Ms. Basmadjian, during her lengthy career, has resolved more than 10,000 cases, on both the state and federal level and spent time working for the Los Angeles County District Attorney\'s Office as well as the Indigent Criminal Defense Program. Ms. Basmadjian brings a unique understanding of the legal system and how to best apply procedure and policy to each case thanks to this experience and uses this to craft the best case for each client.