Bath Bomb Cove

Bath Bombs Cove Gears Up to Be a One-Stop Shop for Bath Bombs and Handmade Soap


Staining, Blackpool -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- The Bath Bomb Cove is an online shop selling bath bombs as well as handmade soap. It offers a wide variety of jumbo bath bombs with each of them having their own scent or fragrance. And aside from product variety, this online store is also known for its great prices.

But first, what exactly are bath bombs?

Bath bomb

A bath bomb is usually made from the combination of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. This mixture is then packed together in a mould which is usually spherical in shape (thus the moniker bomb). But then again, other mould shapes can be used like hearts and stars.

Aside from the flexibility in shape, the bath bombs and handmade soaps are also made with specific scents and ingredients for added moisturizing, relaxing and soothing action to the skin. In the case of Bath Bomb Cove, they use She Butter which leaves an additional smooth feeling to the skin.

Some people may know this product by the name bath fizzies. They are actually one and the same. Similarly, other companies have also come up with their own names for this product.

Essential oils, fragrances and colourings

The Bath Bomb Cove also goes the extra mile for customer satisfaction by adding essential oils, fragrances and colorings. Some of which are rose petals as well as lavender seeds. Its top seller is actually the Very Berry. This is made from a rich blend of berry fruits. The Hawaiian Mango, for its part, has a clear aroma of the Pacific. On the other hand, the Rose bath bombs have the scent brought about by a seemingly large pool of rose petals. Finally, there are the Lavender bath bombs that exude a relaxing scent which comes from the seeds of French lavenders.

Handmade soaps

Aside from the bath bombs, this company offers handmade soaps which fall into either of two ranges—the fresh and funky ones which have a clear, fresh scent; and the wild and natural which evoke sensual moods that elicit a wild and natural feeling.