Bath Path Mineral Sea Salt Soak with Lavender Relieves Insomnia


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2014 -- Many people struggle with sleeplessness and insomnia. They struggle with feeling tired or falling asleep once they have attempted to go to bed. Science has proven that aromatherapy has a potent therapeutic effect both on mind, body, and mood. Lavender has been used traditionally for years to combat insomnia, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and fatigue. Scientific research confirms that inhaling the lavender scent produces soothing and sedating effects that are effective in producing relaxation.

Lavender essential oil is made by extraction from the fresh flowers of the lavender plant and combined with sea salt. Lavender sea salt helps users overcome their insomnia and sleepless nights when combined with hot water in a bath or tub, releasing the aromas for relaxation and insomnia relief. Its powerful ability to relax the muscles and put the mind into a more stress free, calm place has been documented by scientific experiments. Lavender is among vanilla and pumpkin pie as the top relaxing scents used in aromatherapy. Lavender has been used traditionally in holistic medicine for decades as a stress and tension reliever.

User AKN found relief and a deeper sleep from using the Bath Path Mineral Sea Salt Soak with Lavender. This 100% Natural Salt Soak uses real sea salt sourced from the Mediterranean Sea, renowned for its healing sea salts with natural minerals. She found the scent of lavender to be extremely refreshing and realistic, very similar to the lavender plant she used to have. She combined the sea salt infused with the essential oil of lavender with a hot bath and enjoyed the scent of the lavender and a relaxing bathing experience. Overall, AKN found Bath Path’s Mineral Sea Salt Soak with Lavender to be a fragrant and stress relieving product. After using the product, she enjoyed a deep sleep and a respite from her insomnia.

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