Bath Pillow Launched for All Bath Tubs, Hot Tubs and Spa. Medically Proven Heart Shape for Added Support


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2013 -- Medically Proven Heart Shape for Added SupBael Décor Inc. is a business boosting online marketing company that help small scale organizations and startup companies to expand on the internet and improve their brand visibility to get a chance to compete with rival brands in the virtual world. Recently the company has helped launch a new bath pillow for all sorts of bath tubs, hot tubs and for spa use.

Bath Pillows are a luxury item for most as they offer comfort to the head and neck while soaking up in a tub whirl of bubbles and scented oils and lotions for a truly rejuvenating experience. A bathroom pillow adds comfort to a person’s bathing experience. It is also a good choice for those who suffer from backaches, shoulder pain or generally feel stressed after spending a rough and hectic day at work and doing chores. Bathroom Pillows provide simplistic relief from slipping down into the tub which normally happens as the tub walls are slippery with bubbles and bath oils. Not only this, the design of the bath pillow also adds greatly to the comfort level. The bath pillow launched with the help of ethos Services is heart shaped for added support to the neck and shoulders.

In a recent study of ergonomics, most people have been found to suffer from backaches, pain in the shoulders and neck due to bad posture caused by extensive hours of sitting at the office desk or working on a laptop or personal computer. Having a discomforting chair or a table not rightly aligned with the computer screen can wreck havoc on one’s posture and this condition may also develop into chronic backaches. Since most chiropractors and orthopedic consultants charge large sums of money for treatment, prevention is definitely better than cure. Bath pillows are one way to reduce the stress along with the use of right sort of work station and seating position.

Bath pillows come in various designs and texture of materials. The most popular used ones come with suction cups at the bottom to stick on to the surface of the tub and covered with terry cloth which is the same material used in most towels. This keeps the head and hair from getting wet and ultimate relaxation in a few minutes. Bath pillows are a must buy for those who wish to completely enjoy their bath and escape from reality for some much needed peace and tranquility.

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