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Bathroom Remodeling in Louisville KY Company's Gutter Helmet Product Named '2013 Best Pick'


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- Classic Home Center, a company that offers bathroom remodeling Louisville KY residents can count on, has just announced that their Gutter Helmet has been named a 2013 Best Pick by the independent research firm EBSCO Research. The organization is responsible for releasing its annual Best Pick Reports, a publication which lists the top home service providers in all 50 states, as determined by the home owners themselves.

Although the company is well-known for its high quality bathroom remodeling Louisville based Classic Home Center also offers other services, including the innovative Gutter Helmet. Since its introduction over 32 years ago, the Gutter Helmet has been installed over an incredible 150 million-plus feet of gutters, and the company that makes it is now recognized as the leader in the gutter protection industry.

As an article on the Louisville KY bathroom remodeling company’s website noted, the Gutter Helmet is installed over existing gutters, and comes in a variety of colors so it will blend easily into the roof. The product’s patented, flow-limiting and ribbed design helps to slow and spread the flow of water, which in turn lets it run easily into the gutter. For people who are dealing with clogged gutters Louisville area Classic Home Center’s Gutter Helmet is an affordable and effective solution.

“The simple law of surface tension forces water around the Gutter Helmet nose and into your gutters while debris falls to the ground,” an article on the Louisville bathroom remodeling company’s website explained, adding that the nose of Gutter Helmet extends past the edge of the gutters, eliminating all vertical openings.

“The 3/8” horizontal gap will handle the heaviest rains but keep out animals and debris. Gutter Helmet’s patented texturing process creates a stronger but lighter panel that increases the water handling capability over other products. Products that weigh more add weight and stress on your gutters.”

Anybody who would like to learn more about Classic Home Center is welcome to visit the company’s website; there, they can read about the Gutter Helmet as well as their top-notch bathroom remodeling products.

About Classic Home Center
Classic Home Center is a locally owned family ran home improvement company that was established in 1981. Classic Home Center took a unique approach to home improvement. The company started with installing fine products such as replacement windows, security doors, and bathroom remodeling products and then in 1991, they added the number one gutter protection in the world: “Gutter Helmet”. For more information, please visit http://classichomecenter.net/