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Battling Insomnia: Drug Free Remedies to Have That Sound Sleep


Silkeborg, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2014 -- Though, sleep specialists give the public the assurance that this disorder can be weaned off out of a person’s system through proper “sleep hygiene” – as what specialist quote it.

Have a sleeping schedule and stick with it, even on weekends

Having a sleeping schedule and sticking with it on a regular basis gives the human body the cues it needs to nod off. To be able to get the best rest possible, it’s advised to get to bed early. “Studies suggest that if you normally need eight hours of sleep and you get them between 10 pm and 6am you’ll feel more rested than if you go to sleep at midnight and get up at 8 am,” says David Simon, medical director of the Chopra Center in La Jolla, California.

Work out regularly. Regular exercise increases the time the human body spends in deep sleep, this is the time wherein the body repairs its cells and refreshes the immune system. Though Peter J. Hauri, director of the Mayo Clinic Insomnia Program and co-author of No More Sleepless Nights, warns that working out less than three hours prior to dozing off can leave the human body too pumped up to sleep.

Avoid nicotine and nightcaps. Cigarettes are powerful stimulant that will keep an individual active for a few hours. Though a person may feel drowsy after a having a drink or two but when the effect of alcohol dissolves, sleep actually becomes more fitful.

Have an early dinner time and keep it light. Eating heavy meals for dinner isn’t helpful for one to have a sound sleep at all. According to Dr. Simon, “The body can’t rest while it’s digesting,” and recommends consuming a light dinner no later than 6.30 pm; but don’t go to bed hungry — it’s hard to fall asleep when your stomach is growling. If one needs a snack, a couple of fiber-rich cookies or crackers are the best options for carbohydrates are known to stimulate the brain’s production of serotonin, the chemical enables the human body to have a deeper sleep.

Keep “security blankets” handy. Toddlers are not the only ones entitled to have security blankets, adults are too. Studies have shown that security blankets induce an individual to have a sound sleep it’s a psychological thing. As a matter of fact, sleep clinics encourage their patients to bring their own blankets and pillows and other slumber paraphernalia for them to easily doze off during their sessions.

Try a Weighted Blanket or Dyne. Weighted Blankets have been utilized in the special needs community for years and are now being endorsed and prescribed by doctors to help the general population who are battling anxiety and insomnia.

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