Joe Bragg Launches to Help Women Lose Weight and Look Great


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2012 -- Obesity has been described as an “epidemic” in recent years, with obesity rates soaring due to increasingly sedentary lifestyles and readily available fat-rich foods. Being overweight can lead to health risks including heart problems and diabetes, which cost healthcare systems millions per year, causing the problem to be taken seriously at a national and international scale.

For individuals however, the problem is perhaps most pressing for women, due to the high societal pressure placed upon them to look fit and healthy.

bAttractive is a new website launched to help women take action and start living in their ideal body. The site offers numerous means by which women can engage in healthier lifestyle choices and start to combat their weight gain.

“Unisex solutions don’t really work because guys like to heave weights and do intense training, where women generally prefer to experiment with diets. By tailoring our website to women’s needs, we’re hoping to cut a lot of the irrelevant information so women don’t feel alienated by exhaustive workout regimens and the like,” their spokesperson explained.

bAttractive features content-rich blog posts on a range of topics concerning health and weight loss, including what exercises are most effective in burning calories, what vitamins help to better metabolise fats, foods that are rich in antioxidants, and fashion trends that can help make you look great and give you that first psychological boost to start your lifestyle overhaul.

bAttractive also hosts video content featuring advice on regulating blood sugar levels. Foods high in sugar and fats can cause peaks and troughs that result in addictive cycles, and the video seeks to help women take control of their diet. The site also has an active twitter feed with its updates posted to the homepage, and a blogroll of recommended resources for wider reading that will help women to lose weight and get healthy.

To celebrate the launch, they have created a promotion following their Nutrisystem review, which was highly favourable, to offer a Nutrisystem discount code for users of the site, allowing them to enrol in the system with 40% off.

“We gave the system a positive review because we believe it works. As long as you stick to the plan, add in some exercise, and follow the meal guidelines, you are bound to succeed. Offering the discount code is a perfect way to get people started.

About bAttractive
bAttractive is a website based on women’s health, weight loss and fashion. All content is geared towards women ages 25-45. For more information please visit: