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Bauer Brofsky Law Firm Discusses the Florida HB 163 Bill

Miami criminal law attorney Bauer Brofsky Law Firm recently highlighted some of the new controversial changes happening in regards to gun control, specifically a bill being passed through the Florida House Criminal Justice Subcommittee called HB 163.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2015 -- HB 163 aims to allow Florida gun owners to openly carry a firearm in a public setting as long as the individual has a permit, contrasting with existing state laws that make carrying an open firearm illegal. The bill was passed with an eight to four vote and remains highly controversial among Democrats and activists seeking tighter gun control laws amid a surfeit of shootings throughout the United States, most recently in Texas.

Supporters of HB 163 are citing the second amendment to the United States Constitution, stating that should the bill pass, their rights will be vindicated and restored. The bill will also promote public safety, per supporters. Those who are against the passing of HB 163 believe gun owners should be required to attend firearm training. Property owners should also be given the option of not allowing an open firearm within their place of business or their home.

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