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Baytown Ice Hypes Importance of Early Orders for Freezers and Block Ice

Summer is quickly approaching and businesses must be prepared for customer needs


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2014 -- Weather patterns over the past year surpassed the expectations of many. Parts of Texas have seen colder weather than they have in years, leaving many to wonder if summer will ever arrive. "It will be here before most know it, leaving companies scrambling to find the supplies they need to meet customer demand for certain items when temperatures soar. Don't fall behind in planning for the summer. Reserve a freezer today to provide customers with cold drinks, bags of ice, and more when the weather heats up. Baytown Ice is ready to help companies with freezer rentals ( and a great deal more," Beth Reed of Baytown Ice declares.

Ice merchandiser freezers are those typically seen outside convenience stores, holding ice and other items people frequently find they need during the summer. Freezer manufacturers realize space is at a premium in many retail locations and designed these freezers to be used outdoors. Companies in need of additional space turn to Baytown Ice for assistance as company representatives bring the freezer to the desired location and handle the set up.

"Customers choose how long they keep the unit, and the freezer is also perfect for many other places, such as on a construction site. Look around and see where a freezer could easily be used for a variety of purposes. Many people will find a number of locations where they would benefit from a unit such as this," Reed continues.

Once the freezer unit is in place, customers need to stock it with ice, and Baytown Ice offers block ice ( or crushed ice for this purpose. Block ice comes in pallets and 10# blocks remain on delivery trucks year round, while crushed ice comes in the same size and meets industry safety standards when it comes to the purity of consumable ice. "Contact Baytown Ice today for a quote on crushed and block ice. We remain committed to providing customers excellent service at affordable prices, and all who work for Baytown Ice promise to work hard each and every day for all clients," Reed proclaims.

About Baytown Ice
Baytown Ice understands the hard work of those who depend on ice for their safety and consumption and has done so since they were founded as Pasadena Ice Service back in the 1970s. Employees work together with clients to create delivery schedules which meet client needs, and when clients encounter huge demand, special situations, or turnarounds, the company meets these additional needs easily, providing pallets on ice, ice merchandise freezers, and more. All customers need to do is ask and Baytown Ice works to accommodate the requests. Baytown Ice continues to be known throughout the area for their quality, reliability, safety and service.