Joe Bragg Warns Consumers of the Dangers of Loan Sharks


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2012 -- Due to the current global economic crisis, many households are facing rising expenses while generating less income and having less savings. When disaster strikes these households face difficult financial situations, without the experience or knowledge to navigate the issue. It is even worse for individuals with bad credit, who do not qualify for traditional loans. This leads some individuals to begin the dangerous practice of transacting with loan sharks, but there are better options available.

Now, individuals with overwhelming financial burdens can find information on better lending solutions by doing a little research online. One online resource that has been getting a lot of attention is called This website was recently launched in order to inform borrowers about how to make the right decisions about their financial futures.

“Financial emergencies can happen in a split second. And if you have bad credit, it’s unlikely that you’ll obtain a loan from a traditional bank. For this reason, a growing number of people are looking for UK loan sharks. However, loan sharks are known for charging astronomical interest rates and threatening borrowers with violence. That is why borrowers should carefully research all of their financial options in order to avoid loan sharks,” explains a representative of

The website outlines the various risks associated with borrowing money from a loan shark. It also explains to visitors exactly what loan sharks are as well as the reasons why borrowers should never use loan sharks. In addition, the website provides several smart alternatives, like borrowing from family members or taking out bad credit personal loans.

Borrowers can also get details about personal loan options like payday loans, debt consolidation loans, car loans for bad credit and bad credit credit cards. By reading the website, borrowers will learn common loan terms as well as how to apply for these kinds of loans. The website even tells potential borrowers how to find out whether or not a lender is licensed by the Office of Fair Trading.

At, visitors will find a useful online resource for all types of borrowers, even those with bad credit.

About is a newly launched loan awareness website that helps borrowers to avoid loan sharks and find better lending solutions. By avoiding loan sharks, borrowers protect themselves from the risks of being drowned in debt and fear. The information found at enables people to make smarter financial decisions and find better loan options.

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