BBee, New App Reduces Phone Costs Offering Free Calls for Credit

Earn Credits and Friends by Keeping in Touch


Nyon, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- In today's world, it is almost impossible to find anyone without a smartphone. Even in countries where owning a computer may be cost prohibitive, owning a smartphone is allowing internet access equality. Statistics show that nearly 90% of the world owns and frequently uses a smartphone to access the internet for shopping, information and communication. Now, that communication has just improved with the Android and iOS, availability of BBee, allows more users than ever access to free calls and free text, photo and pdf messages.

BBee works using the phone's built-in 3G or WiFi network. There is no registration required, there are no passwords, or even invitations required. Instead, the phone's mobile assigned number is its unique identifier. Users can even call Facebook contacts without showing their mobile number. Regular phone calls to landlines for extremely low rates may also be made using easy to earn BBeeout credits. For instance, invite a contact to use the app and if the contact registers in response to the invitation, BBeeout credits are awarded to one's account for use whenever and wherever as there are no time restrictions to use.

Over The Top (OTT) services such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and even DingTone have risen in popularity with users are creating a paradigm shift in the communication sphere where paid services will lose out to free communication services, as witnessed in FaceBook's recent $19 million dollar purchase of WhatsApp. And the upgraded iOS 8 version of iMessage has also taken notice adding functionality and features to make it on par with the future of OTT services. Paid telecommunications services with legacy type infrastructure dinosaurs and much higher messaging fees stand to lose millions in revenue because of this shift. It is estimated that free service WhatsApp handles up to 50 billion messages per day through its messaging service.

BBee Messaging and Call Service also intends to be on the cutting edge of the future of communication through adapting to customer needs. By offering BBeeout and allowing users to communicate with landline phones at an inexpensive rate, they are effectively able to compete with other OTT services such as SKYPE, WhatsApp and even Viber. And by rewarding users who use the service with credits towards future use, they are locking in a guaranteed user base loyalty system that will make it hard for their users to want to leave for other similar services.

In the US alone, Android users now make up over 50% of the smartphone market share. This is why BBee developed their app for the Android platform for first release. Now with its popularity, BBee is offering an iOS version for the iPhone, hoping to gain a user market share under both markets.

Governments, too, have noted the importance and vitality of apps such as BBee for offering messaging OTT and off legacy infrastructure. Vietnam is the latest looking to ban OTT technologies after similar apps were pointed to as communication devices in Arab countries experiencing extreme unrest. There is no denying that OTT apps are here to stay and changing the way the world communicates now and in the future.

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