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Be a Smart Renovator and Get Three Quotes for Hardwood Flooring Says Tampa Flooring Company


Clearwater, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2012 -- Never settle for the first quote for any flooring projects. Contact at least three contractors first.

“This really amazes me,” explains Dean Dupre, who owns Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company. “But so many people just go out, hit one store or contractor and hire them on the spot. They rarely take the time to get quotes on a job, which is a shame because they could really save some money.”

Sourcing quotes does not have to be a big process. It just means that a homeowner calls around to three different flooring contractors and gets a quote for the exact same job at each place. Often the differences in pricing may amaze those looking to ultimately save some money on their hardwood flooring job. “Know before you call or visit for a quote, what kind of hardwood you want. Three quotes will instantly give you an idea of what is out there on the market, and who has room for lower prices due to competition,” Dupre advised.

Make certain research is done before asking for a quote; the kind of research that will tell a person roughly how much they may expect to pay for the hardwood flooring of their choice. It is always a good idea to have alternatives to the first choice in case the budget just can’t handle a higher price.

Those who have a rule of thumb on pricing for flooring often do better when it comes to buying it because they know what their budget is and can stick to it. Walking into a flooring store without a clue as to prices for hardwood may end up in a purchase that sets the bank account back further than planned.

“And for heaven’s sake, know the sizes of your rooms before you go buy flooring,” Dupre added. “I have seen hundreds of people over the years trying to guess the dimensions of their rooms. This doesn’t work. They either underestimate or overestimate. Either way, it’s a pain for them to run out of flooring or have too much left over.” Before leaving home, measure every room that needs upgrading and be prepared.

For those that are serious about buying flooring the same day they go looking for it, they should take a larger vehicle and extra help to carry it. Or, get it delivered for a few extra dollars and save some time and hassle. Hardwood flooring comes in boxes, and if the area to be redone is large, those boxes are awkward and heavy.

“And don’t forget all the little extras you might need, like underlay and beading. I’ve seen people leave a store with just the flooring, only to come back later and ask for what else they need. Do it right the first time, and the project will go a whole lot smoother,” suggested Dupre.

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