New Child Safety Product Prevents Children from Being Left Behind in Vehicles

Child safety experts and product manufacturer, Be Aware IDs, has released their much-anticipated Child Cord attachment to the public.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2012 -- Reports of adults leaving infants and young children behind in vehicles have increased over recent years. Parents, grandparents and other caregivers have occasion to transport children during the course of a busy day. Forgetting a child in a hot, enclosed car can have devastating consequences. Be Aware IDs wants to make sure that caregivers are reminded that they have little ones onboard before exiting a vehicle.

The Child Cord attachment consists of a 5-foot nylon lanyard with swivel hooks on each end. The cord also has a handy carabiner for additional attachment methods. The included laminated photo ID is custom made from a photo conveniently uploaded by customers to the Be Aware IDs website.

The Child Cord attachment is simple and quick to use, yet highly effective in preventing a tragedy. Just clip one end to your key chain in the ignition and the other to the infant seat, seat belt retainer or headrest. Alternatively, the Child Cord attachment can be clipped to the rear view mirror or even a briefcase or purse. Clip it anywhere you know you'll be sure to see it before leaving your vehicle. This is the perfect precautionary measure for people that do not usually transport children. Parents who entrust the health and safety of their child to caregivers can have them take the Child Cord on car trips.

Be Aware IDs strives to be known for their quality American made safety products. Their popular medical IDs are worn by many satisfied customers with life-threatening allergies and illnesses. Be Aware IDs have revolutionized the medical ID industry by ingeniously including a discreet QR code on the back of their IDs. Be Aware IDs continues to provide high quality safety products that are proudly manufactured right here in the U.S. and the Child Cord attachment is a welcome addition to their growing product line.

The Child Cord attachment is available online for the introductory price of just $9.99. Customers receive the Child Cord attachment with their choice of photo, a five-foot blue or pink nylon cord, the generous sized carabiner and a swivel hook on each end. Photos are printed directly to weather resistant laminated PVC and are available in pink, yellow, tan or white backgrounds. Helpful, knowledgeable representatives are available to answer any questions before, during or after ordering.

For more information about the Child Cord attachment or to place an order, please contact Maria Lazzati at or visit them online at