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Be Better Athletic Debuts Premium New Wrist Wrap Designs Perfect for CrossFit and Olympic Weight Lifting

CrossFit and weight lifting enthusiasts in the UK now have access to high quality wrist wraps courtesy of the new company Be Better Athletic.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- UK CrossFitters and Olympic weight lifters have up until recently been at a sever disadvantage when it comes to getting quality equipment. Especially commercially available wrist wraps, which notoriously would be lucky to last through a few months of CrossFit WOD's or other high impact training before becoming unusable. Now with the new company Be Better Athletic on the scene that problem has been solved once for all. Their debut line consists of three premium quality wrist wraps perfect for hard training and built to last years, if not a lifetime.

“We had a real need for great wrist wraps for our own training,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “After our own, the next thing we knew we were producing a small batch for our immediate workout buddies. We were so impressed with the quality of the product that we thought it would be unfair to keep them to ourselves. And then Be Better Athletic was born!”

Wrist wraps are essential for CrossFit or any other style of training that incorporates Olympic style lifts. The support they give the wrists not only adds to the amount of weight that can be trained with, but also goes a very long way to preventing injuries. Doing cleans, jerks, presses, dead lifts and many other exercises without them puts an athlete at an extreme disadvantage.

Currently Be Better Athletic offers three versions of premium wrist wraps, a normal version, a heavy duty pair and a set made especially for women. All are painstakingly made to the highest qualifications and are priced at a very affordable price point.

The response from customers has been incredibly enthusiastic.

John G. from London recently said in a review, “I have been doing CrossFit / Olympic lifting for a while now and have worked my way through plenty of wrist supports and these were by far the best. They are durable and comfortable whilst offering brilliant support......highly recommended!”

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